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2017 so far

2017 has been good so far! New Year’s Eve featured a most-of-the-way-around view of the local fireworks because of the position of our garden. Will’s family visited with Ozzy again, and we went on a nice trip to Anton Lakes. While it is always nice to go there, it was raining buckets, I wound up with a pool of water in the lap of my poncho. It was raining so much, in fact, that the colouring from my red leather gloves, which I’ve owned for years, bled all over my hands. The dog got so wet that her Seresto stopped working for a bit.

There’s a new platform going across a reedy bit of the lake, which is nice, although I think it needs a slightly higher border to avoid the wheels of clumsy people like myself just plain going over the edge. I will end up in the Andover Advertiser as “Out-of-town moron drives wheelchair into lake.” Or maybe “Local moron” if I’ve earned that title.

7th night.

2016 notebook vs 2017 notebook.

I finally broke the Christmas sweater out on the last day of December.

8th night.

Taking this picture was actually a bit difficult/ hot.

In the curtains again.

I love Ozzy so much, he’s a good boy.

He was lying over the edge, on my feet.

Katy gave him some alcohol (which he didn’t actually drink, I must point out).

Such a nice boy yes.

This curtain rail falls down and it’s hella annoying.

Will’s mum gave us these two over-door hooks, and it was right on time too, because we realised there weren’t already any on the back for our dressing gowns!

Some of the presents from Will’s family.

Guest beds!

A view.

Very mud splattered.

Dinosaur-shaped food is the best food.

I was injured by a pole on a broken clothes-drying rack.

2017 Letti is kind of OK.

I washed a red towel and the machine went very pink.

Homemade nachos. There are no Mexican restaurants here, if you can believe such a thing (at least not ones that do takeaway).

New dog calendar!!

We had our housewarming, and I’m really glad Kadek got to come up because I missed her loads. Ben had also been with us since the night before. I had a really good time, although I felt ill in the early hours and had to go up to bed before everyone else, which was kind of a bummer. I thought the bedside clock said it was 4:30am when I got there, but Will also thinks that’s the time he got to bed, so who actually knows what time I got up there, or maybe I did it in a timeless vacuum.

Party outfit.

Attempting to show my earrings, possibly a bit intoxicated by this point.


The food table got chaotic very quickly.

Drunk portrait. I’d taken my necklace off apparently.

“Cottage cheese in bed.”

I accidentally cut my nipple in the bath while I was shaving my legs (I know, don’t ask me how I did it), and then I had to wear this plaster on my boob.

I am really loving my 2017 notebook. I got a gridded one instead of lined, mainly so it was easier to draw habit trackers, and it just seems easier to keep neat in general. I haven’t photographed everything because some pages are more personal than others, but this is generally how it’s looking.

I enjoy stickers.

When I’ve started doing a thing, I fill in half the box diagonally.

I had to sit on the doormat to get good daylight. 

The ex-demo wheelchair that Will bought for me, has arrived. I haven’t been out in it yet, but hopefully it will perform well when we finally get to go out and register at the GP. It’s more compact than I was expecting, but very heavy to move; owning Isador has skewed my perception of what wheelchairs weigh. Getting this one out of the door is not going to be any fun until we have ramps.

I’m not sure what I should name this chair; Calpurnia II doesn’t seem very creative, and something more staunch like Gunborg should surely be reserved in case I ever end up owning a proper all-terrain wheelchair (which won’t happen unless I have tens of thousands in disposable income!)

I’m also wary of naming this chair before I can definitely keep it. Even though we got an ex-demo one for £400, which is much cheaper than it normally retails for, if it can’t handle our local pavements or get into Anton Lakes through that difficult stile, we’ll have to send it back, because we can’t just throw £400 on a chair I can’t use. Wish me luck, though, because I quite like the chair and I can’t think of another that would be in our budget.

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