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We have sofas! REAL sofas! Two of them, in fact! They were free on Gumtree because their owner was getting new sofas, so we’ve been really lucky! It’s so nice having something comfy under my butt that isn’t at a weird angle that dislocates my hips. Having two of them is great because there’s still room for me to recline while Will is watching TV or the dog wants to take up the sofa etc. etc.

Here are some more pictures of stuff that has happened:


Will brought this cake home from his boss’s birthday. Sadly I only licked a bit of ice cream before feeling quite ill!

Noticeboard and calendar are up.

This was delicious although my insides didn’t really agree with it.

This was also delicious.

Presents in the post!

I love cold coffee very much.

Freya in the curtains again.

Some instant pasta stuff I managed to make without setting the microwave on fire.

Droopy decorations. Remind me to get new garlands next year.

Me being pleased about sofas.

I am watching a lot of The Simpsons right now.

I invested in a decent suction-cup handle so Freya can open the fridge, it’s really great ?


The current situation with the back door. It’s pretty terrible and has already come off. The handle is horrible and the door is stupidly stiff, it’s hard even for the dog to do. I dislocate easily and have already ripped a muscle this year so I really can’t be dealing with this door. I might look into screwing a different handle on, for starters.

Such a lovely baby.

Wat r u doin.

I suppose this is quite a boring bit of trivia about me, but my smallest toenails on both feet, grow in two parts. It’s always been kind of annoying and I’ve occasionally picked at them. I finally googled this phenomenon last night, and it turns out they are called “accessory nails.” Apparently they are usually seen in Han-Chinese people, but I’m not Chinese. Anyway, last night I got really fed up with my accessory nails and finally picked at them enough to pull them out of my toes.
So now I have bloody holes in my feet, and it was a lot more painful afterwards than I was expecting.

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