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When the cat’s away, the mice will buy Halloween decorations

Firstly, I must issue a correction from my post the other day; when I asked Will if he drew on the dinosaur blackboard, he was just like “Nah it was Nick” so I assumed he was right. But actually, it was Beckoi! Beckoi did the thing! Apologies all around.

Secondly, I have a cold and it sucks. I dunno if I’ve mentioned before how much I hate run-of-the-mill illnesses, because they just add on so much extra pain and shortness of breath. So I hate having a cold much like I hated having that random fever a while ago. Both Will and Kadek have had colds this past week so I almost definitely got it from one of them.
I often joke about being mad at whoever has given me a cold, but to clarify, I am not actually blaming it on anyone. People get colds, it’s not your fault, someone gave it to you, too! I have a terrible immune system and it’s really bound to happen. If you choose not to get a flu jab and then I get the flu from you, then yeah, I might be a bit mad. But anyway.

My sister popped round for a bit at the weekend, and we wound up going to the Waitrose in Portswood (mainly because she was surprised to hear there was one there) while Mum stayed with Freya. I wasn’t actually planning on buying anything, but I spotted their Halloween stuff, including a large pumpkin with LED lights inside, and it is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever seen!

So I got that and a couple of other little things. Will was at his mum’s house so I guess I had the mindset of “Ah, it’s fine, he’s not even here!” and that the pumpkin would have sort of “settled in” by the time he saw it anyway? I dunno man but it seemed a good enough reason at the time.

Here is a recent meal made by Will.

And another.

On Sunday, even though the applicants didn’t show up to the interview despite the advance preparation it took from all of us (including Will going to his mum’s on a different day to the one he wanted and having to come home at an awkward time), I still went out for a coffee with Kadek at the Common anyway.

Mum gave me those boots recently, they are super comfy and nice.

At our favourite spot by the dog pond.

We saw some beautiful dogs! Although we always do. There was a Basset Hound who got really hooty because he was so excited while playing with his Labrador friend. He couldn’t go all the way into the pond though, on his little legs!

There was also one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen, second to Freya of course! It looked like a black GSD, but had these gorgeous mottles of grey above its legs, I was honestly in love. If I was a braver and not-so-deaf person I would have approached the owners and been like, “Who is your breeder, what is this dog, tell me everything!”

It was probably a GSD or other Shepherd with a slightly unusual coat pattern (I’ve seen Dutch Shepherds, I think, with brown mottles?), or maybe an East European Shepherd, since they come in grey and black, although the whole leg tends to be grey from the looks of things.

Save me, Dettol!

I can’t know for sure that Rhinovirus is behind this particular cold, but nonetheless I am spraying this a fair amount more than usual.

This weekend was the one time I felt too tired to Dettol-spray the door handles before/ after having guests, and then the next day I get a cold! I also can’t prove that I picked it up from a door handle. but I’m gonna gripe anyway.

My hip joints are super painful (which probably isn’t cold related, but more down this awful sofa), and I sneezed earlier so my collarbone decided to move and cause a LOT of tissue pain. Hopefully it will clear up soon and I can go back to, normal pain?

I’m going to try and chill for a while anyway. Halloween is coming up, and my best beans are moving house and I’d like to try and help in some form, so I need to not be in a heap on the sofa indefinitely.

Also it’s Dysautonomia awareness month and you probably know how much this is the bane of my life by now.

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