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It is October! You know what else it is? Cold! According to the weather app on my phone it was 2 degrees today. Which I can quite believe, especially in the morning.

I do love this season, it’s nice to snuggle in baggy, thick clothes and blankets without definitely overheating to death. Halloween is the most important time of the year, of course.

But bone pain is a real consequence and it arrived as soon as the first chilly breeze did. Ironically, wearing joint braces in winter is hard because the velcro fastenings get caught and ruin your gloves and hoodies etc. And summer is often difficult for braces because of the sheer amount of sweat and stickiness! So there is really no good time of year to have joints that don’t support themselves.

Summer is dizziness, blood pooling, and overheating, Winter is a fuckton of bone pain and cracking skin.

Of course, it’s still only Autumn, so we still have much colder to get!

Last week it was mine and Will’s sixth anniversary! Six entire years of putting up with his stinky butt. He got me something slightly unexpected for it; a spider catcher! It’s a strange little device on a stick that basically traps spiders in bristles until you can drop them outside. I haven’t had to use it yet, but hopefully it won’t be a disaster or result in a spider just running up the stick towards me. I think the main reason Will got it is so that he wouldn’t have to put up with my screams in the nighttime!

I’ve started putting decorations up (I’m determined to have lots of clear Command hooks on the walls of the house I own, to save me faffing around with sellotape every year), and am generally getting really excited.

On Sunday we had a trustee meeting and a bit of a training session with Max. He was unfortunately attacked by an off-lead chihuahua the other day, which has really shaken his confidence, he was looking around anxiously, particularly when small dogs came by, so we did a bit of work on his “Watch me” and also his “Down.”

Max doing the thing.

Jesus, VistaPrint. If I had my phone in my hand all the time I would understand this, but I don’t.

It’s such an exciting time.

The 2016 all-day extravaganza! Midday to midnight!

Nick did this.

Our first IADA lead sleeves arrived! Max will get one when his wheelchair lead is also ready.
Freya is wearing one for demonstration purposes only in these pictures, she is not an IADA dog.

She is a cute patoot though.

The spider catcher. The hook it came with has unfortunately fallen off the wall now!

Kadek accidentally left her Spicy Bean bag in my house for a couple of nights. And I’ve no idea why Will packed the corner table away and hasn’t put it back, but it’s driving me a bit mad.

Sadly I’m not as vibrant as the pumpkin decoration behind me.


PS! We made new friendship bracelets at a spoopy movie night recently. Our old ones frayed :/

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