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Many things all at once

Yo buddies, loads of stuff has happened since I last wrote but I will try to remember it all.

First things first, remember the little baby bird? Unfortunately he died two days after I met him. And it hurt me a LOT more than I expected. I cried SO much. And will probably still cry if I talk about it. He was such a cheeky little weirdo with a funny fuzzy head and I didn’t mean to fall in love with him but I did. I experienced actual grief stages. First I literally didn’t believe it. Then I started bargaining in my head, like, “oh well you know, he might just be in a coma and if they take him to a vet he’ll be fine again.” I managed to keep that going for about three days. Today I feel a strange sense of acceptance, although obviously I’m still really sad about it.

The fuzz ball that stole my heart.

It may have been inevitable from the beginning. Paramyxovirus is something that affects a lot of pigeons, and in hindsight, signs do point to it. They found him alone in the road, out of a nest, injured. Apparently pigeons may push out chicks that they can sense are ill.
When I was holding him, he kept jiggling his head a lot. I googled it there and then, and the results suggested Paramyxovirus, or that he was simply trying not to fall to sleep in my hands. I told Mum I thought it was the latter, but now, obviously, I’m not so sure. He had terrible balance when he was put down on a surface, but we assumed this was because he was a baby.

Apparently on the day he died, he’d gone super cold, but Mum warmed him up and it looked like he was going to be fine for a while, but then he just wasn’t. He was very sweet and he deserved a lot more than the few days of life he got.

My general mood has been like that part in Arrested Development season 4, when Buster wakes up after being unconscious and immediately shouts “SAD!”

It’s all happening at IADA right now. Our crowdfunding campaign to contribute towards the pilot run of our Assistance Dog programme, is now underway. You can read more info here. Even if you don’t feel you can contribute (although payment won’t be taken until some point in November, if that helps), if you could share the page once each on your Facebook and Twitter profiles, you’d be helping more than you know.


We filmed the above video on Sunday, doing bits both before and after interviewing a lovely volunteer we have just taken on (she KEEPS DUCKS how great is that?!). Outtakes from the video are 98% farts.
Annoyingly the white balance on my part was actually fine until I started doing the proper talking, then I just turned into a snowman for some reason.

Mike and Ben were here at the weekend, in a delayed celebration of Will’s birthday. I don’t really remember much of that for some reason, but here’s a thing Will cooked:

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