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Mushrooms, magpies, and a teeny bird baby

I have really run myself ragged today, so I am going to have a little break while blogging.

Earlier this week I went on a trip to the Common with Beckoi. It rained on us a little bit but we still had a lovely time. We went down a path that I hadn’t been on before, and although it was narrow, it was nice flat concrete and allows you to go through some quite wild-looking woodland. I saw some tree mushrooms and everything!

We settled at a table and had some iced coffees while dog-spotting. We saw a lovely dog splash in the lake for a while, and the best thing I saw all day was a dog with floppy ears, who had one ear flopped on top of his head and he didn’t even realise!

Tree mushrooms!

A squirrel.

Magpie No. 1

Found this left on the table, I’ve sent it to the local Guide Dogs branch in the post, lest a randomer put it on their corgi and tried getting into Sainsbury’s.

It was nice to take the aids out for a while and not hear background noise.

I hypothesise that somebody farted a lot into this bench.

Magpie No. 2 or possibly 3

This aphid was super interested in the bit of my lighter where the flame came out.

It’s a shame they only want to do it as part of “speed reduction measures,” but there should soon be flat crossings here!

The above crossing is actually the first one featured in this video we made a while ago:

The other day, my mum and sister found an injured baby bird on the way home!!

At first I thought it was a duck, based on that interesting beak. According to this, it looks as though it might actually be a woodpigeon. Sexing pigeons is hard but so far it’s being referred to as a “he.”

He is also a CUTIE PATOOTIE. I guess I never knew how much I liked birds until I held one.

To be fair, I have always liked the pigeons one sees in the street. I’ve always been like, “Hi pigeon!” but they usually run off.



I am in love

A tub of maggoty things from the pet shop.

The little possible-pigeon is a lovely bobble anyway. I had a little cry because I couldn’t handle how cute he was.

My mum watched Freya while I went to an Audiology appointment.

I can’t remember if I mentioned, I got in touch with Hearing Dogs to ask if my eventual Canine Partner could have some sound-support training for in the house, for things that are still difficult to hear e.g. toaster or microwave dinging, or pretty much anything when I’ve got one of my fairly regular ear infections and can’t put my aids in.

Hearing Dogs responded saying it sounds like I might qualify for a full Dual-Trained Dog, so I had to get an Audiologist to fill in a form.

This is what my current audiogram apparently looks like.

I must say that there is something about clinical locations that makes hearing aids work really well. There was a fan on in the room because it was a really warm day, and despite all the white noise I could still hear the people really well. Having the fan on at home, on the other hand, makes hearings aids useless!

Here is a bulge of rain that got trapped on top of the gazebo recently.

How on earth did you get up there, Mr. Snail

Medical bracelet has left a scar for some reason.

My dog is still beautiful, in case you forgot.

I’ve got a lot on at the moment; Ben and Mike are coming down tomorrow, interviewing a volunteer at the weekend (and filming a crowdfunding video afterwards), interviewing an applicant not long after that! It’s all happening.

We’ve also unfortunately just been refused our 3rd grant in a row.

If you could do your ol’ buddy Letti the hugest favour and sign up here, it won’t cost you anything.

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