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The Big Wild Sleepout

. . . was what we were meant to be doing. My tent broke during the last camping trip, and it turns out that Kadek didn’t even have her tent at home, so plans to sleep in the garden were scrapped. But we did sit out there for a while with vodka and a torch. Mostly we saw spiders, and a yellowish moth. But also an earwig, on the washing line. I’m always afraid that they will go in my ears even though that’s apparently not a thing.

Earlier in the day, Will made mushroom risotto, and I helped to chop mushrooms! Which is quite hard on the forearms but thankfully mushrooms offer, like, no resistance.

I had a little bit of chair battery left from the the other day, so we went up to the shops and got a couple of things. I paid in cash to avoid all the faffing with the card readers (Tesco workers in particular just do not want to hand them to you), and the cash pocket in the wallet actually does work really well! Shame it doesn’t have cash in it more often, but nonetheless. Also we met a neighbour’s cat outside again, he literally sprinted up the road to greet us because he is such a sweet patoot ❤.

When it got cold in the night, we came indoors and watched From the Dark, which I had seen before but I forgot that it had alarmed me quite so much. It’s on UK Netflix and without giving it away for anyone who wants to see it, I like that it has a more . . . traditional take on its story.

Then we watched the whole Téléfrançais playlist, which again, we’ve done before, but this time we made the mistake of going to sleep during it and it has honestly fucked my entire perception of the day. I kept waking up during the bits with the weird villain guy and got really disoriented.

Actual money!

ID pockets on the outside of the cash have already been handy a couple of times when Kadek has been buying alcohol.

I sewed that! I did the thing!

Freya farted on Sagoskatt and his expression is already perfect.

We also sewed this bag recently, but I think I forgot to talk about it.

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