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The big sleepover adventure

Tuesday was a day that I got a lot of stuff done. We had a trustee meeting, during which many serious business things were discussed. We also filmed some terrible pavements on our way in. Then we went into town for a bit to pick some stuff up. I finally got a coffee in my own flask (which has a design of, what Will calls, “space nonsense,” e.g. not what space really looks like because there are too many planets of various fantastical colours. Space nonsense is my shit). However, even though I asked for it iced they gave me a hot one (maybe they’ll only give you a hot one in your own thingy?) so I swapped drinks with Kadek because I don’t really like hot ones so much. At least we know that my coffee cup functions perfectly well though.

We went to Asda to pick some stuff up and I got totally overwhelmed by my hearing aids. I don’t think normal people realise that once you lose your hearing, listening takes effort. Even though, with aids, the sound is being delivered straight into your ears, it still requires conscious effort to listen to and understand it. I was getting so much background noise and clattering and people touching things on shelves, and my brain honestly got really tired.

So I took them out. Asda fell silent and Kadek’s voice was reduced to the volume of a mumble.

And it’s weird, because I’ve wanted to hear background noise for so long, but sometimes it really is therapeutic to be deaf again. I was told at my appointment that hearing aids take some getting used to, but I dunno. I think I just might come across situations when I need to forego them for the rest of the day.

Also I found out that my aids really don’t work with the phone. I tried twice and even on the T-coil setting, they just screeched incessantly. So that’s a bummer.

We went home and had a sleepover and stayed up all night. We watched Arrested Development, and also The Forest for the 4th time for some reason (I can’t even tell you what I like about that film). I went to bed at 7am and I think got up at 2pm, and I still felt pretty hungover.

Also we sewed a wallet from clear vinyl.

The fancy toilet at the meeting building.

Space nonsese.

Slugs have been at my fucking sunflowers again.


Turns out that drawing a pattern on vinyl is hard because you can see right through it to the bloody carpet.
Sewing an ID pocket.

Hammering a popper, which was much harder than you’d think.

Finished ID pockets. Excuse my fat arms and fat everything else.


Finished wallet.

Card slots and coin pocket.

There’s an annoying little gap in the cash pocket that the zigzag stitch didn’t get, it might be possible to hand-sew it if it continues to bother me.

Here is the video we made about pavements.

And here is one about the wallet.

More pictures from recent times:

I had vodka at 4pm.

Freya having a weird moment in the window.

Me and my sister did each other’s makeup at a different sleepover. It did not end well.

After removal.

Cream soda vodka and nachos with my sister.

The freckles on one arm are super dark compared to the other, but you can’t really tell in the picture anyway.

Silly legs.
I drew a dog on myself with highlighter pen.

In other news, the world continues to be shit.

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