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Getting my hearing aids!

I FINALLY have hearing aids!

I went to my second Audiology appointment, after previously having that blue stuff squirted in my ears. It was fairly simple, the aids were put on me and I sat in front of a big speaker thingy, with some very ticklish little wires poked in my ears, and the aids were calibrated in a way I don’t entirely understand, but it seemed to work.

Having them in was instantly a HUGE change. I could hear BACKGROUND NOISE. I turned around at something I heard, which was apparently a door swinging down the corridor. There was another noise, apparently a tap running in the room next door.
The noise that alarmed me most of all, was when I put my fingers against my bag and my bag made a noise.

Here are some of the other sounds I have discovered today:

  1. Paper making noise against other paper (notebook pages touching each other)
  2. Freya’s movements
  3. Will’s chair constantly creaks (very annoying)
  4. Wiping a smudge on my laptop with my finger, makes a sound
  5. Mouse clicking is loud
  6. Planes going over, from inside the house
  7. The pen nib wiggles around when you’re writing
  8. Movement from different rooms
  9. Will’s computer fan
  10. Rain, from inside the house
  11. My finger bones are even louder than I thought
  12. The tip of my fork touching my plate
So far, hearing aids are pretty amazing. They’re Danalogic i-FITs, I don’t know what that means in the grand scheme of the hearing aid world, but they seem to be doing the job.
As much as I lament that I still haven’t gotten my vertical scaffold piercing done, it turns out to be a good job that I didn’t, because I wouldn’t be able to fit my aid moulds in and out. I guess I could always get a normal scaffold, if that’ll fit. I do already own the bar for it.
TV sound is really good in my ear, though can be hard to distinguish from background noise, but that’s something I’ll get used to.
Hopefully I will be able to get hold of a TV loop so that the glorious sounds of Eurovision are broadcast directly into my ears.
Voices are a bit robotic, my own is super loud and it also feels like there’s a bit of delay between speaking and actually hearing it, but I think I’ll get used to it.

I have a lot going on in the same day next week.

Attempted life plans.

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