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Jane’s visit and Freya’s birthday

Our friend Jane came down to visit this weekend. She didn’t manage to make it to our last couple of barbecues, so I decided to bring a small barbecue to her instead. And on Sunday it was Freya’s birthday!

Knot-a-collar by Ruffwear as Freya’s present.

Some smoke that wasn’t us.


Grumpy and happy Halloween glasses.

A burger.

Freya’s ice treat.

My stockpile of Halloween plates got used for some reason.

A beetle that we were all ooh-ing and aah-ing at until it actually took off flying and then it was “Fuck! Shit! Oh my God!”

Death by spatula a.k.a. the story of how a Blackberry Q5 is not suited to Jackbox.tv

I like Faff’s dress.

Bugs are super attracted to the yellow.

Pandemic: Legacy.

I feel super crap today because I have worn myself out, not only from socialising but also from the sheer amount of cleaning I did in preparation for the weekend. For a few days last week I managed to give myself a feeling a bit like lactic acid burn, but in my forearms and hands, constantly.

Ripped a vein in my arm by squeezing Freya’s nail trimmers with the above hand. Thanks Ehlers-Danlos.

So I’m feeling really grim and worn-down, and I’ve gone back into the lounge with my laptop AGAIN because I just want to be all snugly on the sofa and have intermittent naps.

My habit tracker ended on the 18th, I didn’t keep track of anything on the 19th, and I’ve drawn a new one starting today. I’ve not prettied it up much around the edges yet.

I had a ruler for this one and yet I still fucked it up royally.

And last month’s tracker results are here:

Here are some recent videos:

I screwed up a lot filming Stardew Valley because I failed at using Will’s mircrophone, but hopefully I can encourage you to check out the game, or at least pursue it further if you spot stuff you haven’t tried yet.

This video took two days to upload even though it’s only four minutes long, and it’s not even very interesting!

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