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Habit tracking – a.k.a. getting to colour-in shapes as an adult

So I discovered “habit tracking” a while ago and decided to try it out. Mostly because it involved colouring-in lots of little squares and making a very pleasing graph of sorts. I will get a proper squared paper notebook when this one is full, because straight lines are hard. Also I will hopefully have a ruler.

So yeah, let’s have a look at what I did.

What have I learned? One, that I’m not as good at eating as I thought. That trying to fit reading in before bed simply means that I am not going to read.

This is also the longest I’ve consecutively remembered to brush my teeth. I am SUPER bad at self-care and need Will to prompt me to brush my teeth etc. If he is already in bed then that is not gonna happen. However, knowing that I was going to photograph the tracker page at the end, was a surprisingly strong motivator for remembering to do it!

Marking individual household chores doesn’t really work; so much of it requires waiting for Will to do stuff too. And then you get blank squares for the majority of the month. I needed him to scrub the oven trays and clear the sink before I could wash up, and this didn’t happen between the 17th and the 26th.
Likewise I needed the washing basket taken upstairs and refilled and brought back, and this doesn’t get done for days at a time.

My wake-up times are also clearly very horrendous.

I finally figured out a good system with my highlighter pens though!
I used to wrap an elastic band around them to keep them together, but I always had to pull the one I was using out of the bunch in order to hold it properly, so it wasn’t actually very convenient.

The other day it dawned on me; put the elastic band around the LIDS instead! D’ooooooooh! My highlighters are from Tesco and so their lids can do this, Stabilo ones might not be able to though.

I’ve got a different food tracker to replace the “food plan” square of the previous one. Hopefully I will have long lines of highlighted squares, although one of these days is one that Jane is down and we are having a little BBQ, so I almost definitely won’t eat properly then.

I also made a little chart of cleaning stuffs. Which is more for reference when writing my task lists, rather than for highlighting-off.

Rest-of-2016-to-do list. Picnic has a half-tick.

So here is the habit tracker for the start of this month. I want to get a certain amount of reading done, pretty much whenever I can fit it in. I’m going to do a quick clean-up of whatever needs doing rather than marking the individual chore. Also going to keep track of whenever I actually do have a cig.

In other news:

The landlord visited yesterday, and so did some people to install a water tank pump. Apparently the pump was preferable to moving the tank in the end. Now when you run the tap you get a big spurt of water thrown at you. But it should be possible to shower now without it alternating between scalding and freezing.

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