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I finally have ramps! Will, Rob and Tom worked very hard to put this all together.

We used the existing temporary ramps we had at our last house, which were no good for permanently nailing down because there wasn’t room in the doorway for them and for the door to actually close. The guys made a sort of plinth that could go in, bring them to the same level as the door threshold, and of course have the individual channel ramps bolted down.

Cropped this photo to not show my house number on the bins.


Will says he made a measurement error and that the little wooden legs weren’t meant to show through, but I think it’s OK.

This was all done with stuff from the bargain area at Ikea, and channel ramps we already owned.

I’m very worried about theft (people steal wheelchair ramps a lot, to try and get money for them as scrap metal) but thieves would pretty much have to damage the whole structure in order to lift them out. I shall still worry, of course.

Hopefully the landlord won’t hate it either.

Canine Partners dog, here I come!

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