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Dogs I would love to own in my lifetime

This is a rather unrealistic post; many dogs live around 10 – 15 years, and there are almost definitely not enough decades left in my life to fit all these dogs in. (You can see my Top 5s here)

In no particular order, here are some lovely bobbles I would just love to have pottering around my house and garden:


There’s just something about them, a lovely, ethereal grace. Not so much in the above picture, admittedly.

Chodský pes/ Czech Shepherd/ Bohemian Shepherd

I love their big floof faces, and their ears, though pointy, are still dwarfed by their floof.


They have the nicest, fluffiest little round butts. If you’ve seen those videos of them running through snow tunnels, you can probably imagine why I want them to trot around my house.

Croatian Sheepdog

Look at all that kinky floof! They are apparently really awesome for dog sports too.

English Setter

So gorgeous yet so endangered!

Labrador (chocolate)

Hopefully I will FINALLY get my choccy dog from Canine Partners this year. Some ramp progress was made last weekend, and shall hopefully be completed this weekend if all goes well. Then, I can get out the door without someone else being home and will therefore be able to work with my new dog. I’m sure I won’t keep quiet about it when it happens!

German Shepherd (Liver, Panda)

I’ve got a general soft-spot for Shepherds, whatever their origins. I have a soft-spot for Eastern Europe too, and apparently there is an Eastern-European Shepherd dog (Восточно-европейская овчарка) that is surely also lovely.

I seem to like dogs the colour of chocolate, so I’d love a Liver GSD, and I wouldn’t turn down a gorgeous Panda either.

Maremma Sheepdog

I like their noses and their big heads.

Northern Inuit (again)

Freya is a Northern Inuit and I love her very much. I lover her mannerisms, her personality, and her little face. I see “Freya face” in other dogs. By extension, I love other Northern Inuits, but rather than adopting another, I’d like to raise one from puppyhood one day, socialise them properly and have a lovely well-rounded dog, rather than one with so much to overcome (I still love her very much, though).

I should note that their fur only looks as tidy as the above picture until they get to about 3 years old, then POOF!

Smooth Collie

Such silky dogs!

So yeah. There are some dogs.

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