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Picnic and Prodding

I shall tell you about a lovely picnic I went on with Kadek, via attending the Capable Creatures walk. We wanted Beckoi to come but she had a migraine 🙁 and they are very awful!

I’ve probably mentioned before that Freya doesn’t come to these meet-ups any more, she is old and quite frightened of other dogs after being attacked so much. But I got to talk about her a few times anyway because I was wearing my earrings that look so much like her.

There were a couple of new pairs of people on the walk. One of them stormed ahead of us the whole time, then left in a strop because we were talking without them. Because they insisted on powering ahead. Figure that one out if you can.

The other pair were perfectly good natured but . . . did some stuff that I’m guessing they just didn’t know wasn’t OK?

YouTube warned me that once I got my tattoo, people would start grabbing me. I thought it was less likely to happen to me because people wouldn’t want to touch a wheelchair user (we are viewed with much disdain, after all). Well, it turns out people are still happy to grab me.

So one of these women grabs me to ask about my tattoo, but turns around to the walk organiser and says “What’s her name, sorry?” before continuing to ask.

Guys, you can ask ME what my name is! Lordy. You thought I was capable of having the rest of the conversation with you, but that I might not know my own name?

So once I explained the tattoo is my dog’s paw print, she prodded me four more times over each of the alphabets, which I also explained. It was a generally good natured interaction, but, still kinda rude. Don’t prod me please. Also, I know my name.

Beyond that, it was lovely having a picnic with Kadek. We got to see lots of dogs splashing around in the pond. Some also ran up and went under our table. I think they were searching for general picnic crumbs, but alas, this was all in our bellies. Also human food is bad for dogs, don’t eat the crumbs, kids.

I bought the orange dino headband when I was dyeing my hair teal, now it just sort of blends with my actual hair :/

Hadn’t heard of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee before spotting it in the Tesco, but it was pretty nice. 

These Flipz thingies too!

The table had an extendy bit on the end, which may have been an accident but it was super handy for me!
My kneecap looks a bit wrong there.

After our picnic we took a little trip to Fabric Land; Kadek is making a dress, and I saw something nice and decided to try and make a purse/ handbag with it. We should be able to bring you an episode of two of The Silly Sewists soon because I have some other plans to do some stuff.

I learned a lesson about making sure there are always leather gloves in my bag; both of my batteries ran out so I had to go manually down the very steep alley between Cedar and Earls Road, which battered my fingers quite a bit. Kadek had to rescue me by gripping my handles, but it was still TROP DANGEREUX.

Registration yaaaaaaay.

Freya losing her ball under the sofa for the millionth time.

I couldn’t sleep one night and ended up planning a train trip to the Czech Rep and Croatia.
Would actually like to do.

The fact that I have to secure the straps of this bag with safety pins to make sure they won’t give out, should tell me that my sewing is bad, and yet.

There’s been more Jamala drama; turns out she was performing the song in May 2015, even before last year’s Eurovision, which is very against the rules. In order to be allowed at Eurovision, songs cannot be released before September 1st of the previous year; so in order to be in the 2016 contest, the earliest she could have publicised the song was September 2015, but she did it in May.

So, it sympathised with Nazis, it had the word “kill” in it, and she released it months early. They were willing to overlook a lot of things to let this song into the contest.
There are now even allegations that the song is a cover and not an original – another rule broken.

It’s annoying because Eurovision is NOT supposed to be the political, fixed bullshit that people are always whining it is when their favourite doesn’t get through. WE JUST WANT TO HEAR SONGS.

Also I attempted a YouTube again. This one still has a bit of a border around it but it didn’t turn out quite as dreadful as the other one.

Furthermore, I have recently discovered the joy of what Kadek has long termed “bath music.” Many Eurovision songs can be classed as bath music. The acoustics are pretty good in there, so you may be able to hear me screeching from wherever you are.

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