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Painful excitement – О, дай ми любовта!

I am so excited that I am literally experiencing quite a lot of abdominal pain!

However, I should note that as of this morning I have a bladder infection that is causing me a great amount of pain, also. But it is unrelated! And I am feeling a bit better in that regard after sitting on the toilet for nearly 2 hours, downing loads of water and taking almost an entire pack of Ibuprofen (don’t worry, this is fine, I can get through 2 packs in the same day on a bad joint day, my body is used to it and it doesn’t really make a dent in things, anyway!)

But yes, why am I so painfully excited?! It’s the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST tomorrow. I LOVE the Eurovision Song Contest.

I used to try and get Will to watch it with me (and he used to make “Eurovision burritos”) but since he just isn’t getting how wonderful it is, I now go to Kadek’s Eurovison party. She used to live in the flat above me and I had to butt-shuffle up her stairs. I will still have to do that of course.

There are some songs I really like, but I’m wary of backing a song so passionately again. Last year, I backed Polina Gagarina (Полина Гагарина). Her song, A Million Voices, was absolutely lovely. I felt so strongly about it. But the audience wanted to hate it because Polina is Russian. She’s actually spent most of her life in Greece, and is actually an LGBT advocate and friends with Conchita (played by Tom Neuwirth in real life). But none of that mattered, because Putin, Russia’s ruler, is a total dick, and therefore Polina couldn’t be allowed to have a good time.

It was a case of “Let’s prove how against bigotry we are by being bigots about where someone is from!”. You could hear the relentless booing even with various technologies employed by the arena. Even though Conchita sat and held her hand in the green room, people booed and Polina cried as her young son watched her on television at home. Well done guys.

Despite that, Polina got to 2nd place. The audience, ironically, gave 1st place to . . . Måns Zelmerlöw, a homophobic Swedish celebrity, who thinks people like me are disgusting.

In a politically-ignorant attempt to protest homophobia, they GAVE the win to AN ACTUAL HOMOPHOBE. So as much as I love Sweden in general, this year’s hosting is a bit of a bummer for me.

TL;DR, I’m worried that if I all-out fall in love with one of these songs and sit on Kadek’s sofa cheering all night, vodka in hand, I may just feel shit at the end if Europe decides they actually hate some policy in the Czech Rep or Bulgaria, so they take it out on the singer in a singing contest.

Anyway, here are my faves that have gone through to the final:

When Poli was on Will was like “She seems like your cup of tea” and kept turning around to look at me every time she was in a recap. Well, actually, it’s a terrible analogy because I don’t like tea. My cup of tea is no tea.

I want the Czech Republic to do well because they withdrew from Eurovision for years due to not previously getting through. I’m not sure if this or Bulgaria’s song is my most favourite though.

Vaguely related to Eurovision:
I put SO MUCH EFFORT into a video. I made so many COMPOSITE SHOTS. Each cut had to be a composite shot because I had to add the number, but there are also loads of images layered in there. I worked so hard.
Then when it uploaded, it had a huge black border around it! I don’t know why and now it looks naff as hell, but I hope SOMEBODY appreciates my editing even though I’m basically talking about myself for several minutes.

Also in mildly interesting news: I’ve got my hair in a side ponytail today and I sent a picture to Will to see if I liked it. He asked if I’d had hair extensions done without him knowing, because he didn’t realise my hair was that long! Boyfriends.

Have a great Eurovision, everyone!

PS: I almost forgot to say! My charity got registered!!

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