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It snowed on us a bit

I intended to write an update earlier on in the week but I just seem to have lost track of myself at the moment. I’ve been in the lounge with my laptop instead of at my desk because I’ve been having one of those moments when I need to be in a cosier place for some reason. I need to replace this laptop with a proper computer anyway (whenever the hell I have the money for that), but I could have a proper computer for working on my desk and keep using this one in the lounge whenever it’s not unexpectedly restarting itself, I guess.

Anyway, Kadek and I went to town again the other day. I had my first ever trip to Starbucks and had an iced macchiato which was very lovely. I love iced coffee, I hadn’t had one in a while and I felt so much better afterwards.

Mainly we were in town to scope out tattoo places. Tattoos are not the most financially advisable things, but, I wanted to get it done before Freya died, and she is now old for her breed. If she passes away before I get it done, I may be too much of a wreck to ever do it.

There was a comic shared by Postize a while ago. I realised that Freya does some of the things that dog does and that it doesn’t bode well. She sometimes falls over herself and lands on her face. The vet thinks she’s OK at the moment but I am worried. So worried that it gives me a horrible sick feeling in my stomach (I guess that’s where the phrase “worried sick” comes from). So I need to get the tattoo done.

(Also, at the end of that comic, there is someone on the other side whistling to dogs when they come through? *cries on everything*)

So yeah, we scoped out some places, got some prices and general info. Apparently a lot of people are having their dogs’ paws tattooed! Which is really great, love your dogs, people. And your cats, of course.

I actually have an appointment booked! I was expecting to have to wait three months or something, but nope, they were able to fit me in super soon. Which is good, in regards to Freya.

My biggest worry is more on the social side of having to talk to a person, more than it is about being tattooed. Although I am starting to worry a bit about that, namely because POTS might make me faint for no real reason. It will also be the litmus test of whether I can have tattoos, because if EDS makes my skin split open horribly, then my ambitions of being more thoroughly covered may have to be shelved.

But yes. Hopefully it all goes OK. I’m sure I’ll let you know.

We actually got snowed on a bit while we were going around town. We had snow in April a few years ago, but it snowed a lot more then than it did this time around.

In other news, the weather has been nice enough to have the washing line outside. It falls over a lot in the wind though which is a bit of a pain in the bum.

Kadek gave me her old cork board and I love it!! I’m now using my old letter holder thingy as a necklace hanger upstairs.

Washi tape art on my joystick.

I got to go to the Common for the first time in a while last Sunday. Freya had a bath and got to dry off while running about.

Freya is excited about balls.

The prettiest face.


A nice meal that Will cooked.

I don’t know why my hand looks quite so ugly, but I did a sketch of pretty much everything I want out of life.

Kadek has a new blog! I hope I get to go to Croatia with her, I want to see that whole area. Lord knows where I’ll acquire the money for that though! Already looks like we won’t be able to do the Finland Worldcon next year because I won’t accrue £750 between now and then unless some sort of miracle happens.

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