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Kadek & Letti’s Successful Day Out

Kadek and I had a planned trip into town today, and I am very surprised at how well it went! It was a GOOD DAY and I am frankly quite flabbergasted that nothing really went wrong.

Firstly, the weather was utterly lovely, and this seemed to make the general public nicer as well. I didn’t even need to put on my big cardigan over my thinner one.

We went to Lush, which I hadn’t really been into for quite some time because I was afraid of being yelled at. Let’s recap.

Yearssssss ago, I was at a recruitment evening at Lush and we met a manager etc. etc. Kadek was at the same one in fact, but I already knew her. Anyway. Later on that week, I went into Lush to get a new bathbomb and also to replace my face bar, which I think was called Sweet Japanese Girl or something like that. The manager came up and told me off, like “Can you not do this please, we will call you later on about the job, OK?!” and I was like WOW I am actually here to buy stuff from you.

Needless to say, not only did I not get that job but I also didn’t give Lush my money for hella long time. But apparently that manager was fired ages ago so it was fine today. I had to reverse up the ramp because it had a little step on it, and it was easier to get out again than it was to get in. But I grabbed a bath bomb that looked interesting and also some soap.

We went to a pub to have some nachos because we both love the nach. This is where the one bad thing of the day happened (unless you count getting toothpaste down myself earlier on);
A very grumpy-sounding man at a nearby table said “Fuckin’ wheelchair. It’s pafe’ic.”

That was the only bit I caught, and for some reason I felt absolutely nothing about it. Something inside me was just like, no, this is a good day, I am in a public place to have some nachos with my best friend.

Technology, allowing people who need to sit down for their health, to stay sitting down and get around at the same time is the opposite of pathetic. Civilisation means developing wheelchairs and other forms of assistance for people like me. If you don’t like civilisation, feel free to return to shitting in the forest.

Anyway, our nachos were great, but we got the spicy lips.

We picked up a bunch of stuff in Poundland, especially slug pellets because I mean serious business about my sunflowers.

We went on to Boots because I needed some clear nail varnish and Kadek needed an eyeliner pen. I went with a Barry M one because the brush actually goes all the way to the bottom.

The best experience of the day was perhaps at Paperchase. I needed some new Washi tape after having exhausted my previous roll down to the bit of cardboard in the middle. There were a lot of people in close proximity in the first 30 seconds of me entering the shop, so I had to pull into a quiet aisle and calm down for a moment, but I fit in there much better than I did with my last chair, Calpurnia.

We had a bit of a browse, noticed some great Ananas-themed stuff, and managed to pick up a few things, including a new magnetic shopping list pad for the fridge door. I could only find Washi tapes packaged together in huge bundles costing £8, when I only needed an individual one really.

I somehow had a perfectly normal interaction with a member of staff, without freaking out or fumbling words, about whether there were any others available.

It was then that I was asked the best question ever:

“Yes but it’s got skulls on it, is that OK?”

I think I managed to say That Is Fine without yelling, and I was subsequently given a great skull Washi tape reel.

Then it was time for Shakeaway before Asda, and picking up other needed things. I managed to get a cheap stapler I can use with the training guides, rather than giving applicants sheets held with paper clips and practically going “best of luck keeping that looking like a book.”

Mint Aero with Jelly Tots.

Both taking pictures.


The brush goes all the way down!

Even my space bag originally comes from Paperchase, but I got it from Kadek at xmas.

My attempt at loosely spreading pellets around my almost-entirely-deceased sunflowers.

A helpful diagram.

I got this song in my head halfway around Asda, as you do.

Kadek forgot to get an avocado, so we popped into a Sainsbury’s, which was quite narrow but my new chair managed it. On the way there, my power decided to cut out before I could get up onto a traffic island, but the group of people around us were actually super helpful and not at all aggressive like I was worried they’d be.

We also passed another wheelchair-using man and his friend asked about my chair, and I managed to give him one of the leaflets that Sasaki put in the back pocket!

Kadek chilled here for a bit before going off to do her evening things. The day was basically super successful and I’m not sure how we managed to pull it off. Is this what every day is like for normal people? If so, life must be great.

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