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Everyone has their own ways of having fun. I have probably mentioned before, that I enjoy city-building games. These are usually in the form of PC games like SimCity and Cities: Skylines, but also the board game Suburbia, and on a similar note I enjoyed Theme Park on the Mega Drive.

I’m not sure why I’m interested in city-building simulations, or if there’s a term for that kind of interest. My favourite city-builder is Cities: Skylines which I reviewed recently here.

I’ve done some more on it since then, and got some more custom assets.

Ikea is my favourite ploppable building. I had a different blog when I lived at my last house, and in that I had a post pondering why Ikea even has a returns area, because it is so great. I love real-life Ikea and virtual Ikea.

Got myself the space elevator!

Fun with Russian Cyrillic on a police station.

A Pets at Home, an Aldi and a B&Q. It’s pretty fun to get hold of UK shop names.

An Ikea lorry!

And a Pepsi lorry!

Made a custom map for Will, named after a district he had on our shared map, but didn’t manage to expand as much as he wanted. I hid loads of stuff on different squares of the map for him to find.

Why do I have so many poo-related incidents?

A strange business name.

Good job this dog park has a double-gate system, because I went and plonked it next to a bloomin’ motorway.

This building was on fire, but the plants are fine.

Built some canals and they turned our pretty all right.

More UK shops.

Some UK houses.

So yes, those are some snapshots of my idea of fun.

I typed this as a bit of a counterbalance to the fact that I was watching the Channel 4 Dispatches programme featuring undercover filming of disability assessors. It was really grim.

We are so desperate to work. We want to have successful careers and families and houses and normal lives. But they view us with such contempt.

I really want a job. I wish I felt well enough to work full time and be a normal person. I wish I had more going on with my life. I wish I didn’t faint so much or dislocate joints just from holding a pen. Last night, I dislocated an elbow in bed. I wasn’t even doing anything interesting. I rolled over onto my front, reached to adjust my pillow, there was a loud snapping sound and a lot of pain. Elbow out of place. Today it is obviously very tender and any movement of connected areas is painful. I did not choose to have a connective tissue disease.

Being disabled should not be viewed as an evil, contemptible thing we have deliberately done.

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