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Water tank woes

In this house we have a water tank instead of a boiler, which is all well and good. We just need to manage time that the water is heated in such a way that it isn’t cripplingly expensive, but still convenient for a shower or bath (although today I was in the bath at around 7:20pm because the tank decided to finally co-operate then).

Our water pressure isn’t great because of the position of the tank. It’s in a cupboard next to the bathroom, and according to the maintenance men, it should never have been put there, but in the attic instead. The entry and exit pipes on the tank are basically all in the wrong positions as well. They did suggest a pump, but aside from the landlord not going for it (understandably so, they’re probably really expensive), it would use all the hot water in a matter of seconds and still make the shower unusable.

Anyway, earlier in the week we noticed that the water pressure was even worse than usual. We finally looked at the tank, and . . . it had leaked all over the cupboard.

It was pretty bad. The wooden shelves were dark and soaked, and the scraps of carpet used to furnish the bottom of the cupboard were all damp, and we can deduce from Freya’s behaviour, smelly. Freya, being a dog, thinks that damp things make great perfume, but she’s not very coordinated at rolling in them. When our old bath mat needed a wash, she would rub herself on the side of the bath because she couldn’t quite figure out how to get herself on the floor with the blissful damp stench.

Now she is rubbing herself on the cupboard in an attempt to get to the wet carpet, so it must be pretty awful. We moved some bits outside in the sun, where the did get a bit rained on, but surely they are doing better than they were.

Anyway, the men fixed the tank, and said that the same thing is going to keep happening because it’s so higgledy-piggledy. So they’re going to see if the landlord is willing to have a new tank put in the loft, where water tanks are apparently supposed to be. I left my water tank degree in my other trousers so I’ll take their word for it.

In some other and totally unrelated news, I was looking up good styles to wear hair to bed in. Especially recently-relaxed hair that will snap off and/or make my scalp bleed again if I’m not too careful. I normally wear my hair down and it just kind of flops all over the place. Sometimes if it’s woefully unconditioned I try and put it in a little ponytail or plait, but this is a pain for sleeping on.

Then the internet suggested PINEAPPLE HAIR. By now you must know my love of Monsieur Ananas, and so I was certainly willing to try this.

It is actually SUPER COMFORTABLE so I now understand why normies were going around with buns of hair on top of their heads for years. Plus I get to call myself a pineapple space princess or whatever.

HRH Letti, pineapple space princess of the planet Letti, province of Ananas is Lord, city of LettiTown.

It’s nice to have some colour coming back on the top of my head as well. The picture came out yellow because I was in the kitchen, and whenever I put the flash on it gave me the “Battery Exhausted” thing, and I wasn’t gonna go and connect my charging cable for ages just to take a picture of myself. But yes. This is my head.

Crufts is soon and I am mega excite. Gonna look at all the fluffy dog butts and the weirdly prominent balls that some of them have.

OOH ALSO my iPower definitely did have battery failure because they won’t hold a charge. So Sasaki are going to replace them.

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