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Fat, hairy and infertile

I went to an appointment for my blood results today. PCOS-related things are actually normal, but my liver has gone weird again. They can’t actually tell why yet, so I had 3 more tubes of blood taken today. We decided to try having me lying down on the bed, where I normally end up anyway, before the blood test actually started. This worked wonders, even with the vein poking. I was still a bit woozy afterwards but this was pretty much the best blood test ever.

So there’s still no telling why I’m so fat, hairy and infertile. Apparently this has gone beyond the scope of what can be tested for in general practice, so I need a referral to a specialist. The problem is that we don’t know which medical area the referral has to be in because the previous tests have been so unhelpful.

It’s 2 months before my GP is available and apparently she couldn’t make sense of my audiogram so I have to go through a whole bunch of audiology referral stuff before there’s a chance of having hearing aids.

Will rang up Sasaki about the power cutting out. They are claiming it is a safety feature, that the chair cuts power over any change in terrain unless the chair is on the lowest speed possible.

I shouldn’t have to explain why this is a nonsense idea. I tested it out on the way to my appointment this evening, and of course the lowest setting is not enough to climb kerbs, especially not when I need to reverse up with the bigger wheels. So we lost the power a couple of times.

I think the next stage is to ask Sasaki if they will remove this programming because it makes the chair virtually unusable, as well as putting me in a lot of danger every time I cross the road.

Things like speed limits on chairs are actually programmed in, it’s not literally the limit of how fast a chair can physically go. Some people find a company to modify their chair and take this out so that they can go a bit mad. I might have to do that about the stupid iPower “safety feature” if Sasaki won’t help.

Why exactly do they think I would be safe if my chair stranded me halfway down a kerb? Urgghhhhhhhh.

If anyone does know a company I can go to, please let me know because I am clueless.

I got a new hairbrush!

It’s a Remington B85P Frizz Therapy brush. I’m not sure what all this “conditioner infused” stuff is about, and Google tells me nothing. Like, does conditioner seep into my hair while I’m brushing? Does that run out eventually? Do I need to wet the bristles first? Etc etc. The ceramic around the edge apparently “speeds drying time” but I don’t know if that’s meant to be in conjunction with a hair dryer of whatever. And I don’t actually own one because I am frightened by their noise. That is a true odd fact about me!

My previous brush was much better in terms of handle length and not having to pop my shoulders so much, but the bristle quality was not great, the condition of my hair has gone way down since we’ve been buying cheaper stuff, I got a bad knot in my hair and the hairbrush just snapped.

Now I have the new one and it goes through pretty smoothly even though my hair can honestly be likened to straw.

Feeling not so terrible.

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