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New chair! [many pictures]

Yaaaaaaaaaay! Deposit is paid, credit agreement signed, and the chair is physically in my house! I have a Sasaki iPower! Will is too busy to take me anywhere today, but I can’t wait to go on an adventure!
The chair is named Isador. Unfortunately it’s not actually as small as the measurements on the website, so I still can’t go through the house doorways with it, but it’s much more nimble than Calpurnia was. The seat is smaller than Pericival’s and thankfully I fit!

There’s a little pouch on the back for holding the battery keys.

I haven’t stuck googly eyes on yet.

I like that the tyres are lighter in colour, they might hopefully mark things up less.

Partner and dog both exhibiting their usual amount of photogenicness.

The actual delivery of the chair was a bit awkward. The man had such a strong accent and with my failing hearing it was not a good combination. He also took a promotional picture of me in the chair, and I realised afterwards that my huge Ananas bunting and an inflatable dinosaur will be in the background. You may soon be able to spot my embarrassing office area on the Sasaki website.

Two small batteries behind each wheel, allowing the chair to fold.

Leaflet of various models. It actually looks like I got the second one down on the right rather than the top one that was pictured.

Things are bittersweet because this is such a lovely house, but Will’s travel to work is so expensive. It may be that we have to move again, to the middle of nowhere in Andover so that Will doesn’t have to travel. I DO NOT WANT to move again. I am a person who likes to nest and settle and I LOVE this house. I think I said before that I’d probably buy it from the landlord. I just really honestly hope to God that we can still budget everything and won’t have to go.

I think travel costs would stop being such an issue if we managed to get enough together for driving lessons and a cheap first car. Then at least the train fares wouldn’t be a thing any more, and Freya could go to work with Will in his dog-friendly office.

I’ll be heartbroken if we do move. It was so hard to find a landlord that would take a disabled person. Originally we wanted to stay here for Will’s friends and D&D group, it’s close to my charity’s main pilot applicant and area of work, and we know our way around. We are in good proximity to the GP surgery, shops, opticians etc.
I do keep hearing about one of the only people I really speak to being awful behind my back, and that gives me less incentive to stay. It makes me not want to be anywhere near people, but on the other hand my love for this house is too strong.

Action shot.


I tried an online colour analysis thingy and I am actually slightly more confused now than I was in my last post. None of the colour wheels really looked good next to my picture, and the one I ended up with was only slightly better than the other.


Will cooking on Valentine’s Day.

Me biting some Aldi chocolate. But the main point is how wonky the sofa cushions have gone.

Trying to find a style; leggings with a cami and a cardigan. Don’t think the colour of the cardigan suits me, but it was the only one I could find to put on.


Can’t remember if I’ve ever shown my awesome mug.

More food.

Had a bit of a nightmare situation on Sunday night. I can’t remember if I mentioned that we got our sofa for £12 via Gumtree. It’s a discontinued Ikea Lillberg. Discontinued products cease being sold for a reason. The Lillberg’s reason is that its wooden frame is . . . not great. None of the bits stay where they are supposed to, the slats keep falling out which means cushions go out the back and it’s generally not very comfortable. Will managed to fix some bits with a random bit of wood that was lying around, but it’s not enough and so the sofa still repeatedly moves and sinks.

So, as I was saying, Sunday night. The bit of sofa I was sat on sunk down, but the part my left leg was sitting across, stayed up. Combine this action with my connective tissue disease, and my hip dislocated. It was a really bad one and I could barely move without such intense pain. I had to flop on my side and wiggle around until my hip was in a position that allowed me to get up without screaming.

I’m not even sure how long it took me to butt-shuffle up the stairs but it was horrible. In the morning I had a warm bath, which was nice for my hip but it really messed with my nervous system.
I had to lie on the bed for an hour and a half to cope with having sat in warm water. Not doing too well with normal life things at the moment.

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