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Let’s go Broncos

Last weekend it was the Superbowl! Which we hosted again, and Ben was also down for a couple of days. In the face of our usual team (once again) not being in the Superbowl, we had to pick someone else to back. And so we chose the Denver Broncos, for no other reason than South Park.

But they won, so that was pretty fun!

The blackboard.

My dad always told me this was a lie, and I believed him until so recently. I hope God knows I’m trying to make up for being such a fucking dick all my life.

The more I think about it, the less it makes sense. Surely, the Arab side of the family would have been all Mizrahi Jewish. So I don’t understand why he would have renounced it and asked his children to be anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli. The only thing I can think of, is that he hated his mother so much. I only met her once, as a baby, and she wasn’t allowed to see me again. He never spoke kindly of her, it’s an understatement to say that he hated her. And I have no proof that she was a good person, she’s long gone. But could that hate be the reason he diligently poisoned his children against the idea of Jews in the land of Israel? I don’t know.

I don’t get along with my parents (and I haven’t seen my father in years, thankfully), but I don’t hate the Paganism I was raised with, I don’t hate the right of Bretons to have Brittany back. But maybe hate manifests differently for everyone.

If my grandmother was a practising Jew and not just somewhat Mizrahi, then I may already have rights under the Law of Return, without needing to convert. But I have no idea how I’d find out, and I still want to convert anyway, because I wasn’t raised Jewishly.

Jeffrey Tambor in Law & Order, playing an arse but still being a great actor.

Sewed up a split in the dog bed!
Playing Pandemic: Legacy with Ben.

Permanent consequences.

Dr. Ashira Gwendolyn.

Hendrix. Currently a mononym, but I think he should be called Hendrix Baghdad (long story). 

Pretty baby.

Cured 3 diseases, eradicated 2, won a game!

I made this candle yonks ago.

More things for the recycling box. By the way, if anyone has any old phone models sitting at home without cards in them etc., or just old ink cartridges, they can go in my box! It can’t be collected until it’s fairly full.

This cartridge didn’t want to work in the printer, but sprang into life when I was drawing on my hand with it.

My application for a Sasaki iPower has been approved! I have printed and signed the credit agreement and it’s ready to go in the post. Hopefully you shall soon be hearing about my new wheelchair!

I have decided definitively to never leave the house in a manual chair again. Will and I had to go to the bank about an indemnity repayment, and I was almost tipped out by a bloomin’ pothole. Seatbelt caught me,  but my left leg swung forward out of the footrest, got weight put on it, and then there was a weird bulge on the side, possibly caused by tissue and/ or bone squishing about. It was not pleasant and I refuse to do it again!

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