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The Housewarming

We finally had our housewarming party. We’ve lived here for a bit over a month now and the house is finally at an acceptable standard. We still have soooooo many boxes of stuff we don’t need in Ben’s room, and plenty of things we are still missing among those. Like the plug for my Ikea star lamp. It would have been lovely to have on at the party, but the plug has been separated from it and I just don’t know why! I emailed Ikea asking if they could replace it, but apparently the lighting department has discontinued spares, so they advised me to go to “a local electrical shop.” Sounds like I might have to send my poor partner into a Maplins with a vague description of the cable.

I also have yet to locate my scented drawer liners, my Foldio and probably something else I’ve forgotten.

I’ve done so much cleaning in the past weeks that my hands are really cracked and keep bleeding. I need to invest in some hand cream designed for builders and their rough hands. I used to wear disposable gloves when I cleaned, but they have quite an irritating powder inside that was making my skin sore, so I went without them for a little while and now my skin is really bad.

Freya isn’t a fan of mopped floors.

Even though I had to keep cleaning on Shabbat, I at least wore my tichel. And I didn’t intend to look quite so stoned here.

USB-powered lava lamp thingy. It’s actually Will’s but he doesn’t use it with his desktop PC so I use it on my desk πŸ™‚

This throw pile is possibly the tidiest thing I’ve ever made.

Attempted drawing of Cleveland Brown.

Party outfit.

Desk buddies.

The Letti desk area.

Freya is back to wearing the first ever collar we bought for adopting her. We kept it around because it’s always good to have a spare collar and lead in case one suddenly breaks. Freya’s normal collar is from an Etsy shop called Darkdog Outfitters, which I completely recommend, their collars not only have safety-reflective strips but also a glow in the dark oneΒ which even lights up in dim daylight and makes it awesomely easy to see Freya moving around the bedroom at night.

I put it in the wash last week and it also went in with the Slanket to protect it from clanging around. Even though I’ve done this before, this time it came out dyed red and with the strips peeling off. The collar has lasted for years just fine, so I’m bummed that it’s suddenly really tatty and I’ve just put the spare on her for now.

We have another busy weekend coming up; Ben is coming down, and it’s also the Superbowl, which we are hosting as we did last year. Will and I support the New Orleans Saints although, sadly, they are not in the actual Superbowl this year, again!

Here is a nice meal that Will made recently.

I am exhausted after all the preparation and the actual party, so do you know what I am going to do? I am going to have A BATH. Will is ill today and so will be in the house to supervise me having it. I might make it a weekly thing on his usual work-at-home day, depending on how I cope.

Last time I had a bath I stayed in for too long, got too hot, and with Dysautonomia this made me feel truly awful. Hopefully this time will be better!

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