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Busy busy busy

I have so much going on right now and unfortunately I am feeling pretty vile. I had blood tests on Tuesday, which I used to be fine with years ago, but since then I started to get very queasy during them. I don’t think it’s the needle, but actually the poking of the vein that nurses have to do to see if it’s pronounced enough. For some reason my body’s reaction to that is “Let’s vomit!”

I didn’t vomit on Tuesday, but everything went black and my ears got burning hot. I had to lie down on the bed for a while and have some water. What an overreaction! Even now I’ve not fully recovered from that feeling. My vision keeps going dark, and while that can be a POTS thing in general, I honestly feel like I don’t have enough blood in me right now, which is truly ridiculous because they do not take that much in a blood test!

I put Freya’s new Seresto on her recently; her Scalibor hadn’t expired but it wasn’t effective this time around anyway. No itching or infestations yet. It didn’t come with the little reflectors that were advertised, maybe we get a different version in the UK.

Comparison to old Scalibor.

The Zyklène Freya is trialling.

Hand-sewed a hole in my boxers.

An 8-colour pen which is really fun.
Unpacking stuff into the cabinet was a bit of a nightmare, but at least it’s done.

I have lost the plug for this star light and it is driving me mad.

Also sewed up some splits in Percival’s seat (unfortunately I don’t have a cushion). Ben has spilled tea on the seat many times!

Sometimes you just need to scribble all over your planner.

I have Will’s old computer desk because it doesn’t fit into the alcove he wants to use in the lounge.

Recycling box.
My current view. It’ll be better in the summer when the door is open and the desk isn’t a mess.


I’m sure I had some more stuff to talk about, but I’m forgetting it now.

This album is perfection.

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