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Last night Will and I made a Shakshuka! It doesn’t look as nice as the example pictures, perhaps because we used the wok, which was too big for the ingredients we had. Also it got a bit burned. But aside from that it was really nice!

I’ve been using my new notebook more. Even though I already have a huge online list, I wrote down some names. I read baby name books for the sheer joy of it because I just love them. I am an onomaphile (at least I hope that’s the correct -phile-ended word!).
You know what else I love? Writing in multicolour pens!

Finally got a teeny tiny Magen David for under clothes! And I REALLY need to trim my fringe. But I don’t have a dressing mirror yet and I keep losing the scissors around the house.

Freya nosing in the garden.

I managed to break the striker of my wind chime when unpacking it, so I replaced it by threading a wick tab from my candle supplies onto the string! And now it’s in the window πŸ™‚

It’s awkward that there’s no handle on the outside of the back door, but it can usually be nudged open.

Beautiful fluff beast.

Having some collarless time after a grooming session.

Pretty baby.

It’s a strange period of time, with a few famous people dying in succession, most recently David Bowie followed almost immediately by Alan Rickman. Of course, thousands of people are dying at any given time, but it is strange when multiple people of cultural importance do.

I feel like I’m starting to improve mentally, still a bit off-kilter and with strange sleep, but miles better than I was just a few days ago.

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