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Midnight mopheads

I haven’t been able to get to sleep tonight so I’ve done the only logical thing; I’ve come downstairs to hand-sew a mophead repair.

Let’s start from the beginning: I have a mop. It’s a nice dotty mop with a bright cover that goes over the end. The original velcro on it was awful and before long I had to replace it, with the help of Kadek’s sewing machine. Unfortunately, the stitching on one of the velcro pieces has pulled through, and so the mophead flops around all over the shop when I am cleaning.

I hate hand-sewing and, as I no longer live in the flat right underneath Kadek, I can’t just borrow her machine. So I’ve been putting off dealing with the mophead, even though it really bugs me whenever I’m using it. In bed tonight I just wasn’t feeling tired, I even wound up reading the Bible on my phone browser, which just made me more awake. In the end it seemed there was nothing for it but to butt-slide down the stairs and do that mop repair.

Thankfully I knew that my sewing supplies were bundled in an already-opened box of living room things. For some reason, the only spool of thread that I actually own, is yellow. Not a solid basic like black, no, at some time in my life I clearly decided that yellow was the one staple thread colour to keep in my house.

I absolutely hate threading needles, and I wound up using a thicker needle than I originally wanted to, purely because the hole was wider and so I was less likely to scream in frustration in the middle of the night.

The problem.

The other side seems to be OK, because I overkilled the stitching.

Noodly mop parts making a nuisance of themselves.

The finished article.

I wound up curving some of the velcro over the edge by doing the loops.

On the top end of the velcro I did what a lady on YouTube described as a “whip stitch” but, if left to my own devices, I would have called something like “the loopy one.” And on the bottom I just kind of winged-it, I guess.

I guess we’ll see how it holds up the next time I do some mopping. It seems to withstand the velcro being closed and opened, but I don’t really want to push my luck with it. I’ve stabbed myself in the fingers a few times, but I’m fairly used to that with blood testing anyway so I didn’t flinch too much. Except for maybe on the fifth time, because I believed that I surely couldn’t do it again.

For some reason I decided that this was good sewing music!

There was a sequel to the Walking Dead game but Will and I honestly needed a break before starting it, and then never got around to it at all. The end of the first one made me cry buckets.

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