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Five days in and I’ve done a thing

I’ve already had some luck with my list of goals as I’ve managed to set up a savings account! I started to apply for one online with my bank the other week but a page came up telling me I had to bring several ID documents into the bank in person.

My partner and I went there today, but the man at the desk said the reason that page came up, is actually because that type of account didn’t exist any more. So I could either wait 3 weeks for an appointment, or try applying online again for a different kind of savings account. I did the latter, and it worked! So far only £1 is in there, but I’ve set up an order to transfer some every month, which means it will definitely be put by and not eaten up by everyday costs.

Unfortunately I have less money to spare than I should, because the city council has charged me £146 for the council tax for my last address, even though the landlord has gone back and should pay it, and they want £111 for this address in a couple of days. Unless they agree to refund me the amount they already took, I can’t actually afford that!

I’m saving for my new wheelchair deposit first. Even though my lack of stairlift is annoying and means I can’t go up and down freely, the urgency of a new chair was definitely highlighted today. Calpurnia can’t get through our entrance hall without marking the walls (I’ve wiped the marks off, but still, it can’t keep happening) and we can’t even put the channel ramps down to get her out more easily because the doorway isn’t actually wide enough to let them line up with her wheels.

I did apply to a charity a while ago for financial help with getting a new chair, but they thought I had a secret husband who gave me an extra £1000 a month!

Freya’s new tag for this house. I chose one saying “Space Invader” because she gets a bit too close when she wants some affection.

Dismantled Christmas tree!

We’ve started taking our Christmas decorations down. The only things left are a swirly snowflake thing on the upstairs banister (because I can’t get up there until bedtime!) and the stretchy things across the lounge ceiling.

Here’s Freya getting some post recently. She’s getting easily distracted by noise outside the door, but she’s an old bobble now so it’s understandable.

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