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Christmas 2015

Traditionally, I celebrated Yule and the Winter Solstice with my family. But now I’m more focused on Hanukkah, which finished a while ago this year, and my partner celebrates a secular Christmas. So that’s what we’ve focussed on this year.
Hanukkah is set to overlap with Christmas in 2016 though, so it should be really fun.

Here are some photos from our holiday period.

Freya getting a bone.

Going off to chew it.

Some of the lovely presents I got from Kadek.

The face is my favourite thing right now.

Will’s standard photo face.

Xmas dinner, made by Will.


Freya leaning on me.

Dog cuddles.

I shouldn’t like Ben’s “molestcannon” as much as I do. I attempted to draw Monsieur Ananas.

Lindt Reindeer.

Our friend Ben came down for a short stay with his girlfriend Jenna. Ben and Will are old school friends and I’ve known him for almost as long as I’ve known Will.

We played Pandemic Legacy, a board game I got for Will, which is really good but decisions have permanent consequences, as you have to write on the board and put stickers down. We also played a lot of Drawful on Jackbox.tv

We’ve had a good holiday, I’m now slowly trying to get my office area organised so I can be really productive in the new year.

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