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The loveliest house in which I’ve ever lived

Here are some shots of our house. We recently moved from a ground floor flat-in-a-house in which we’d lived for five whole years. I was even lucky enough to have my best friend living in the upstairs flat. But the landlord asked for it back recently and so we had to begin the very difficult process of finding somewhere new to live. It was honestly a nightmare that I don’t want to talk about too much, but in summary, nobody wanted a wheelchair user or an assistance dog to live in their properties, despite the legal aspects. One landlord even told us that we had the house, and that we would get a call the next day about when to come in and sign the agreement. The call we actually got, said that she had decided not to give it to us.

Finally, we found this house and a landlord actually willing to take us. And here we are.

Our tree is up.

A little soap I made before the move, for our downstairs toilet.

Our downstairs toilet, with my toilet frame.

I’m not sure what this is, but I like it anyway.

Percival, my downstairs wheelchair.

Ignatius, my upstairs wheelchair.

I packed my fragile things with my clothes and it worked OK.

The confusing hot water timer. I’m used to a boiler!

The burly tank.

Our upstairs sink is the fanciest one I’ve ever seen. And yes, my toothbrush holder is a Parasaurolophus.

I love this feature in the wall.

Our lovely quiet garden, completely different to our last one.


I added my existing multisocket to the kitchen and unfortunately it’s a bit wonky. And sadly the middle socket is broken, but the rest are fine!

Lovely kitchen view.

The lean-to, which lets in a lot of lovely daylight.

Window through the the dining room, where my office desk will be.

Dino blackboard from my best friend, stuck on with velcro.

Our tree lights are twinkling away.

The stairs are a bit awkward, and at the moment I have to butt-shuffle up and down, which I can usually only manage once in each direction per day (down in the morning, up at night), and my thighs are quite sore and bruised from it already. I’m waiting for a stairlift, I’m not sure whether the Occupational Therapist at the council can provide one or if we should get a rental one.

In my previous flat, all the doorways came off of a hallway, and so were wide enough to accommodate my chair. The doorways here are a bit smaller, and while Percival does fit through, you have to get the angle exactly right and it’s quite difficult.
I’m hoping to get a much thinner Sasaki iPower soon. Which will also replace my huge and bulky electric wheelchair, Calpurnia.

Because we have so many unpacked boxes, it’s difficult to fit anything anywhere and so I’m having to do a lot more walking with my cane than I would normally manage, which is not great for keeping my knees, hips, and ankles in place, and also makes for a lot of dizziness and nausea. I haven’t fainted in this house yet, that I remember. Although forgetting that you’ve fainted is also a consequence of POTS!

My best friend Kadek unpacked pretty much my entire kitchen the other night because she is a star. We’ve still got a lot of work to do but hopefully it’ll get done before Christmas day.

I just hope we’ll get to stay-put here for a long time, have some security, and finally leave when we buy our own home. Having said that, I’d probably buy this one from the owner one day because it’s so nice.

I don’t know who made this image, but it’s lovely.

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