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Hi, I’m Letti!
I’m moving on from my old blog because I’m waiting for a Canine Partner to give me a fresh start in life.
My current dog Freya, pulling the back door shut.
So, a bit about me. I live in the south of England. The bulk of my family are from Brittany and I’m a proud Breton (Degemer mat!). I was raised Pagan but I now subscribe to Liberal Judaism. I was raised Vegan but now I love meat! I love glow-in-the-dark accessories, sewing, gardening and stationery. I love dogs – obviously – but I’ve also a fondness for cats, particularly the Korat. My favourite animal of all is the duck-billed Platypus, and I find Okapis and Tapirs particularly endearing also. My favourite dinosaurs – which I love immensely –  are the Parasurolophus, the Edmontosaurus and the Deinonychus.
I love onomastics, languages (I’m trying to juggle English, Breton, Russian, French, Swedish, Hebrew and Japanese!) and I live for the Eurovision Song Contest. I collect cat-shaped teapots.
So why am I getting a Recognised Assistance Dog?
My story actually starts with my previous dog, Freya, a rescued Northern Inuit.
I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, an inherited condition which, in short, means I don’t make proper connective tissue. My joints dislocate and subluxate multiple times each day from very simple movements. I don’t have a lot of strength or dexterity. I’ve torn open skin on my arm just from reaching to pick up a drink. I’ve even gone Moderately-Severely deaf because parts of my ears that should touch and pass sound are just squishing around too much.
My condition started to degenerate in my twenties, and my original intention was to apply for a Canine Partner. But my health was deteriorating so fast that I knew I wouldn’t last the two-year wait. As such, I rescued Freya and managed to train her to help me with so many things. She became my best friend and saved my life a few times.
I tried to turn Freya into a Recognised dog through one of the charities, but they just didn’t have space for her before she got too old. With her support at home, though, I am finally able to wait for a Canine Partner.

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