I’ve done it again


Even though I know I don’t prefer the alternatives to our house plan, I keep making them anyway. Here’s another bungalow experiment because I’ve gone mad.

Spot the erroneous giant wheelchair man.
Yes I know the horse couldn’t really be there if the garden was that small.


Lol at my cupboards being on the wrong side of the unit.


Found an actual corner toilet on Floorplanner though!
Pretend there’s not a ceiling above the courtyard outside, because there bloody shouldn’t be.



Again, I don’t prefer it to our 2-storey plan, but if we were sold on single-storey living by then, I guess this layout makes slightly more sense than last night’s one, and I managed to keep the kitchen and living room arrangement the same as before.



I am just all about tertiary colours in jewel tones.

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