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Category: Camping

Things I’ve learned from camping ⛺

I love to go camping, and I’ve learned a few things since my first trip. Whether you’re a first time camper, a disabled camper like me, or you’re wondering if there’s anything you haven’t thought of, I hope my camping tips below will be useful to you. Note: These...

Camping trip, 2017

I went on the camping trip with my in-laws this week. Here’s a quick summary of things that happened: The tent was terrible My wheelchair broke People were awful to the animals I got ill in the middle I got ill at the end I had a lovely time...

Favourite stuff

[2018 update: I finally turned this into a static page so I don’t have to keep adding to this post from 2016!] Here are some things I love. General Interests Animals Dogs  – Big dogs, pastoral dogs, gundogs, utility dogs, most dogs, in all honesty. Cats – Mainly Korats...