Xmas and NYE round-up

We went to Will's mum's house for a couple of nights for New Year's Eve.     In probably uninteresting news, I've decided to stop straightening my hair and try letting it go curly again. Even though I don't actually like that look on myself. Relaxing it is hard these days as my sister is … Continue reading Xmas and NYE round-up


I am awake in the night

Yo guys, I'm awake in the nighttime. It might be because I'm excited about my birthday, it might also be because I needed to sleep a lot in the daytime. It is probably a combination of those two things.   So while I'm here I may as well tell you some gross things about my … Continue reading I am awake in the night

Things I found cool in October + general life ramblings

Yo guys, I wanted to talk about three things I thought were cool last month. I'll also probably just have a bit of a ramble. At the time of writing I am up in the night feeling ill, so I have decided to finally crack on with this post because sleeping is obviously not going … Continue reading Things I found cool in October + general life ramblings

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This is almost definitely gonna be a big post with lots of pictures, that will take hours to write. I also need to talk about a new piercing in here somewhere. We had our annual Halloween Extravaganza! I've been waiting all year for it, and now it's happened, so I feel weird about it because … Continue reading It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Letti’s Glossary of Opinions

A handy guide for you to reference before spreading falsehoods.AbortionDo whatever you want. I support abortion.Antibacterial cleanersPeople - especially those like me who are more prone to illness - should have the right to wipe down our light switches without being told "you should let your immune system work ~*naturally*~!"Assistance DogsAre great. But there should … Continue reading Letti’s Glossary of Opinions