Xmas and NYE round-up

We went to Will's mum's house for a couple of nights for New Year's Eve.     In probably uninteresting news, I've decided to stop straightening my hair and try letting it go curly again. Even though I don't actually like that look on myself. Relaxing it is hard these days as my sister is … Continue reading Xmas and NYE round-up


Birthday round-up

To say that I have a lot of news for this post would be a bit of an understatement. It will probably be long and picture-filled. Will really went all-out for my birthday, with stuff happening on the weekend before, on the day itself, and on the weekend after! On the first weekend, I knew … Continue reading Birthday round-up

I am awake in the night

Yo guys, I'm awake in the nighttime. It might be because I'm excited about my birthday, it might also be because I needed to sleep a lot in the daytime. It is probably a combination of those two things.   So while I'm here I may as well tell you some gross things about my … Continue reading I am awake in the night


Cool Halloween things

It's not exactly a secret that I madly love Halloween. Halloween-themed things bring me great joy, and the internet has plenty of them to offer at this time of year. Here are some of the lovely Halloween things I've come across!   These Halloween stationery stickers.   This Halloween badge. Simple and to the point! … Continue reading Cool Halloween things


Adventures in bread

Kadek of The Spicy Bean came over at the weekend, mainly so we could have the Annual General Meeting for the charity we both run, but also so that we could have fun trying to make jalapeno cheese bread. This is something I've had on a "things to try" list in my notebook this year, … Continue reading Adventures in bread