Nothing has really happened since the weekend but I finally gave Joop his new pool. It's just a plant pot saucer from The Range on Friday (it might have been about 59p but I can't remember exactly), but it's huge so should definitely accommodate his adult body. Although I've said that about a few things … Continue reading Pool

!חג הפסחא שמח ופסח

I've had quite a busy week! Will's family came up on Wednesday night, and on Thursday we went to Ikea to finally use the vouchers we got as a wedding present. We got mostly storage things but I also had fun looking around the shop. On Saturday we went to The Range before Kadek was … Continue reading !חג הפסחא שמח ופסח

Christmas shopping

I recently went Christmas shopping with Jodi, mainly with the purpose of getting Freya a bed and activating my new contactless card, as I buy pretty much everything I need in life from Amazon. But it's difficult to gauge a good dog bed online, Freya needed a new living room one because her previous one … Continue reading Christmas shopping

Two weeks married!

Almost three weeks by the time I'm actually writing this. It's fun being married. I know not a lot actually changes day to day, but there's a weird undercurrent of contentment. As I said before, we love all our presents, but the biggest news is probably that we have a dishwasher! It's not a cure-all … Continue reading Two weeks married!