Annual hibernation time

S'up y'all it's me and I'm still tired from Will's birthday somehow. The change of season might have a lot to do with it. In the click of a finger it goes from lightheadedness in hot temperatures to aches and tiredness because it got slightly colder. It's not even that cold yet but it's really … Continue reading Annual hibernation time

My husband is now a Big Adult™️

My husband had his 30th birthday last weekend! He is now undeniably a Big Adult and not a Young Adult. Neither of us are in our 20s anymore and it feels a bit weird.   I wanted to plan something really big for this all year, e.g. booking an activity and going somewhere as a … Continue reading My husband is now a Big Adult™️

We need air conditioners

Freya had some sort of cerebral event recently. I'll paste what I said to Kadek at the time because it pretty much covers the whole thing. "Vet says it's not worth worrying about but that's mainly because they can't tell us anything about it unless we get an episode on video. I cried all night … Continue reading We need air conditioners

The 30 degree night

I suppose we've been quite busy recently. Biggest news is no doubt that I did my first Twitch stream! Painfully missed my usual summer TR marathons with people so decided to finally start streaming and at least be able to talk to them that way. Might try and get Discord working next time so we … Continue reading The 30 degree night