A tale of Sims, alphabets, hair, and being asleep

I haven't blogged for ages, not since January if you don't count my last post, which was in the works for a while.  I'm not up to a lot at the moment because I am having Chronic Fatigue problems.


Adventures in bread

Kadek of The Spicy Bean came over at the weekend, mainly so we could have the Annual General Meeting for the charity we both run, but also so that we could have fun trying to make jalapeno cheese bread. This is something I've had on a "things to try" list in my notebook this year, … Continue reading Adventures in bread

Fantasy casting: TR 1996

A new Tomb Raider film is coming out, based on the second reboot of the storyline, the third-era games. There were previous Tomb Raider films with Angelina Jolie as Lara, who was probably the best casting option possible at the time. The new film stars Alicia Vikander, who honestly doesn't seem right to me. I … Continue reading Fantasy casting: TR 1996


Ending summer

We had our 2nd barbecue at the weekend, just in time for the end of summer. Well, August has suddenly decided to kick things up a gear just as we're all looking forwards to Halloween, and it's now really hot and sunny even though most of the month actually wasn't. It's 27°C as I type … Continue reading Ending summer


The Tomb Raider Trilogy on PS3

I've been playing the original Tomb Raider on the PS3 recently. It's the only console that we've unpacked since moving here (and also the only one we have the right cable with to make it work with my partner's TV). I had a sudden aching to play the Anniversary version, but PS2 disks don't work … Continue reading The Tomb Raider Trilogy on PS3


My weird hobby: Playing Tomb Raider levels backwards

This is very much explained by the title of the post, but perhaps could use further elaboration. On the original 1996 Tomb Raider game, it is possible to play some levels in almost-reverse order, avoid trigger points for enemies, and other such things. In the last few years I've only played the version downloaded onto the … Continue reading My weird hobby: Playing Tomb Raider levels backwards