We have a car again!

We finally bought a second-hand car after my MIL's one packed up a while ago. I was going a bit spare not being able to leave the house for ages, so it came just in time.   I had too much fun getting in there and going over everything with a disinfectant wipe. I have … Continue reading We have a car again!

Celebrating our first year of marriage!

  In the morning we watched a film called 3-Headed Shark Attack because it was on telly and it was, uh, bad.   Here are some more photos from recent times.   https://www.instagram.com/p/B4Cmvfzhmkm/       Well it's nice that the party is out the way and I can decompress a bit. I drank enough … Continue reading Celebrating our first year of marriage!

Just doing a thing

There's been a thing on the social medias recently where people put images of four favourite things in a category (usually games/ films). I decided to put mine together in Photoshop Elements purely because I don't have much else to do as I'm a bit ill at the moment. That's it really.