I’m not very good at blogging

It must have been nearly a month since I did this, perhaps because I've spent more time either doing house things or fruitlessly trying to gain energy via napping. This past week I had a triple-whammy of pain in the form of a 10/10 migraine complete with vomiting and diarrhoea, a period, and an alarmingly … Continue reading I’m not very good at blogging


It’s the 2nd-most wonderful time of the year

I am a week late writing this up but I am once again going to talk about the joy of the Eurovision Song Contest. There's also some photos and rambling about other stuff. Kadek hosted Eurovision as usual, and I met a dog! Her housemates have a puppy now. She's a mix of a dachshund … Continue reading It’s the 2nd-most wonderful time of the year

I’m not going to have a long ramble

As you may remember from Letti's Glossary of Opinions, I supported membership of the European Union.My views can be pretty much summarised by the comments herein.I have surely spoken before about how vulnerable disabled people are in this country, how we are physically attacked in the street. How I cannot enter a shop without people … Continue reading I’m not going to have a long ramble

Letti’s Glossary of Opinions

A handy guide for you to reference before spreading falsehoods.AbortionDo whatever you want. I support abortion.Antibacterial cleanersPeople - especially those like me who are more prone to illness - should have the right to wipe down our light switches without being told "you should let your immune system work ~*naturally*~!"Assistance DogsAre great. But there should … Continue reading Letti’s Glossary of Opinions