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A tale of Sims, alphabets, hair, and being asleep

I haven't blogged for ages, not since January if you don't count my last post, which was in the works for a while.  I'm not up to a lot at the moment because I am having Chronic Fatigue problems.

Xmas and NYE round-up

We went to Will's mum's house for a couple of nights for New Year's Eve.     In probably uninteresting news, I've decided to stop straightening my hair and try letting it go curly again. Even though I don't actually like that look on myself. Relaxing it is hard these days as my sister is … Continue reading Xmas and NYE round-up

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This is almost definitely gonna be a big post with lots of pictures, that will take hours to write. I also need to talk about a new piercing in here somewhere. We had our annual Halloween Extravaganza! I've been waiting all year for it, and now it's happened, so I feel weird about it because … Continue reading It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Misadventures in an old lady’s driveway

At the weekend, we went to homecheck and interview an applicant, which involved assessing a lovely dog. Kadek's friend Emily very kindly drove us, even though it involved going back and forth to Andover. It was interesting going on a different route through Hampshire, even if the satnav did want us to turn left and … Continue reading Misadventures in an old lady’s driveway

Learning with Letti: Emergency nail fix without supplies

I went and cracked a nail! Not actually sure how I did it, but I became aware of the sore area and noticed the break spreading inwards. This apparently tends to happen when one grows out one's nails. I was tomboyish as a kid (and probably still am) so I viewed nail care with a … Continue reading Learning with Letti: Emergency nail fix without supplies