My July

There are an entire 69 photos uploaded to this post so far and I might remember some more because apparently I take photos of a lot of crap. Here's some stuff from the last month.         TL;DR it … Continue reading My July

Xmas and NYE round-up

We went to Will's mum's house for a couple of nights for New Year's Eve.     In probably uninteresting news, I've decided to stop straightening my hair and try letting it go curly again. Even though I don't actually like that look on myself. Relaxing it is hard these days as my sister is … Continue reading Xmas and NYE round-up

Recent life things

Yo, here's some stuff that's been happening. This one's probably boring, but a while ago, our toilet started running. You might have an amusing image in your head, but actually, it just means that our cistern was leaking and the toilet was essentially flushing itself about once a minute or so. Which is annoying while … Continue reading Recent life things

Jane’s visit and Freya’s birthday

Our friend Jane came down to visit this weekend. She didn't manage to make it to our last couple of barbecues, so I decided to bring a small barbecue to her instead. And on Sunday it was Freya's birthday!Knot-a-collar by Ruffwear as Freya's present.Some smoke that wasn't us.Speakers.Grumpy and happy Halloween glasses.A burger.Freya's ice treat.My … Continue reading Jane’s visit and Freya’s birthday