Nightmares in neurology

You probably remember that I've been waiting for a neurology appointment RE: issues relating to migraines. I got letters pushing my appointment back TWICE, because the neurologist was on holiday, there apparently wasn't anyone else we could see, and we were told that if someone else cancelled an appointment, it would be given to me … Continue reading Nightmares in neurology

Xmas and lists about things

Firstly, here is a list of recent pictures:Getting excited.Freya's inconvenient foot.I'm so funny just all the time.Bless them.Stag pin (from Kadek a while ago, not an xmas thing).Conchiglie!Wearing the super light green mascara I got for my birthday. I don't think it shows up so much, but I still like it.Great food.Planner stickers.Stickers for bins … Continue reading Xmas and lists about things