Hi, I’m Letti Hellequin (ell-ay-kan). This is my personal blog. A lot of people’s blogs have a particular theme or focus, but honestly, I like a lot of stuff and things, and I could talk about any of them.

Subjects that you are likely to read about here include:

  • Dogs (read about Freya here)
  • Planners and stationery
  • Gardening and growing vegetables
  • Sewing
  • Proper cooking sometimes
  • Attempting to write novels
  • Video games
  • My adventures (from camping to plain old GP appointments)
  • Attempts at outfits, make-up, or nail art.

So, a bit more about me.

I really love dogs and dinosaurs. I’ve got a soft spot for many animals, from spindly Oriental cats to stripey-bummed Okapis, but my overall favourite is the duck-billed platypus. I live for Halloween 🎃, the Eurovision Song Contest, iced coffee, nachos, and Pepsi Max.
I sometimes do writing and I also run a charity (but this blog is solely full of personal opinions).

If I founded a country, this would be the flag:

At the moment it’s just the flag of Letti!

Other stuff:

🍍 Pineapples
Monsieur Ananas sparked a real interest in the visual appearance of pineapples and I now have a lot of pineapple accessories.


⚢ I am very gay
I’m a woman who loves women. But I’ve had a male partner since 2010; I’m actually Bisexual, on the Kinsey Scale I’m the tiniest fraction away from being a 6.


Polyamory Map.jpg
What is Polyamory?

🕎 I’m Jewish
I believe in God. I pray in private. I believe that there is a constant scuffle between Jews and God to make the world better. But I don’t feel the need to delve into religion much, I want everybody to do their own thing.
I was actually raised in a Pagan household, so I’m in the interesting position of ethnically being a Witch and having a connection and kinship with Brittany, but choosing to be Jewish, connecting with Mizrahi heritage and feeling my heart pull towards Jerusalem.


🦈 Sea life
Weird pointy sunfish, nudibranchs, and anything that grows a lightbulb on its head, will capture my heart.


🌻 Sunflowers
My favourite flowers, so big and bright and happy.


♿ I’m disabled
I have an inherited connective tissue disorder. I basically don’t make collagen properly, and as collagen is actually used by a lot of the body, as a result of not making it, I dislocate my joints daily (I use a wheelchair to try to avoid this), split blood vessels and organs, rip skin during normal movements, and things like that.
I also have Dysautonomia; none of my body’s automatic processes do what they are supposed to do. This covers more than you can imagine.
I’m also a fair bit along the deaf spectrum and I have terrible eyesight, to boot.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


Sorry I wrote about myself for so long!