Hi, I’m Letti Hellequin (ell-ay-kan). This is my personal blog. A lot of people’s blogs have a particular theme or focus, but honestly, I like a lot of stuff and things, and I could talk about any of them.

Subjects that you are likely to read about here include:

  • Dogs (read about Freya here)
  • Planners and stationery
  • Gardening and growing vegetables
  • Sewing
  • Proper cooking sometimes
  • Attempting to write novels
  • Video games
  • My adventures (from camping to plain old GP appointments)
  • Attempts at outfits, make-up, or nail art.

So, a bit more about me.

Short version: I am a human with interests and hobbies.


Long version:

I really love dogs and dinosaurs. I’ve got a soft spot for many animals, from spindly Oriental cats to stripey-bummed Okapis, but my overall favourite is the duck-billed platypus. I live for Halloween 🎃, the Eurovision Song Contest, iced coffee, nachos, and Pepsi Max.
I sometimes do writing and I also run a charity (but this blog is solely full of personal opinions).

If I founded a country, this would be the flag:

At the moment it’s just the flag of Letti!

Other stuff:

🍍 Pineapples
Monsieur Ananas sparked a real interest in the visual appearance of pineapples and I now have a lot of pineapple accessories.


⚢ I am very gay
I’m a woman who loves women. But I’ve had a male partner since 2010; I’m actually Bisexual, on the Kinsey Scale I’m the tiniest fraction away from being a 6.


Polyamory Map.jpg
What is Polyamory?

🕎 I’m Jewish
I believe in God. I pray in private. I believe that there is a constant scuffle between Jews and God to make the world better. But I don’t feel the need to delve into religion much, I want everybody to do their own thing.
I was actually raised in a Pagan household, so I’m in the interesting position of ethnically being a Witch and having a connection and kinship with Brittany, but choosing to be Jewish, connecting with Mizrahi heritage and feeling my heart pull towards Jerusalem.


Mandate for Palestine1Palestine is JordanTwo State Solution is Jordan500,000 muslims came to Israel starting 1932Israel will never surrender to terrorMizrahi Jews map text


🦈 Sea life
Weird pointy sunfish, nudibranchs, and anything that grows a lightbulb on its head, will capture my heart.


🌻 Sunflowers
My favourite flowers, so big and bright and happy.


♿ I’m disabled
I have an inherited connective tissue disorder. I basically don’t make collagen properly, and as collagen is actually used by a lot of the body, as a result of not making it, I dislocate my joints daily (I use a wheelchair to try to avoid this), split blood vessels and organs, rip skin during normal movements, and things like that.
I also have Dysautonomia; none of my body’s automatic processes do what they are supposed to do. This covers more than you can imagine.
I’m also a fair bit along the deaf spectrum and I have terrible eyesight, to boot.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


Sorry I wrote about myself for so long!