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 Animal lover  Clumsy  Eccentric  Excitable  Family-oriented  Loves the outdoors  Night Owl


Freya Gwendolyn
Northern Inuit Dog
Born 19/6/2009
Died 11/11/2021 aged 12
Nicknames: Frey-Frey, Frey-Balloon, Buttface, Fluff-butt, Baby Frey-Frey
Couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

Achatina Achatina Giant Land Snail
Born early 2018
Nicknames: Joop, Joop-Joop, Jupa-Jup (like Chupa Chups), Big-J
Cheeky doofus.

Body mods

Right forearm tattoo, 2016
Freya’s pawprint and her name in 4 alphabets (Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Japanese)

Left ear: Lobe, vertical scaffold/ industrial
Right ear: Double lobe
Total 5 holes, all 14 gauge

Something important to me:
Mandate for Palestine1
Palestine is Jordan
Two State Solution is Jordan
500,000 muslims came to Israel starting 1932
Israel will never surrender to terror
Mizrahi Jews map text

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
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