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ישראל לנצח

TL;DR version:

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I really didn’t want to have to do this, I am literally waiting for a procedure on the inside of my head, I am in so much pain all the time, I am so exhausted, it is not my job or any Jew’s job to provide this mental labour for you, it is perfectly easy to follow Honest Reporting and StandWithUs and get information on events by yourself.

But people are, fundamentally, ignorant. Wilfully ignorant, they prefer not having to know things and reckon with them. They think me not making a post somewhere about each accusation means that I don’t have an answer. In reality, they prefer not to know the answer and sit there feeling smug.

I’m going to try and keep this as brief as possible, which is not very easy, but this basically all started this time with a private legal dispute over home ownership that the State of Israel isn’t even a party to. But Jews got blamed anyway, the Muslims started attacking us en masse in the streets, and then they increased their missile fire. The annoying thing about this part is that living under missile fire is quite normal in Israel, but the media only bothers mentioning it when the “Palestinians” get their asses kicked in return.

And of course this all had to coincidentally kick off on Yom Yerushalayim, when we celebrate having got control of Jerusalem back from Jordan, who invaded us. The creation of Jordan in the first place, took 80% of Israel’s land to make another country for Muslims who don’t want to live with Jews. More Muslims who don’t want to live with Jews, were given Gaza as their own enclave, and used it to make life for everyone absolutely miserable. Now they want Judea-proper to be completely Judenfrei and they want what’s left of Jewish land to be only 9 miles wide. But that’s temporary too, they don’t actually want any Jews to live anywhere. Israel isn’t budging on losing Judea and Samaria though, so “Palestinian” terrorism is stepping up and Israel is accused of “expanding” into or “annexing” territory it has been in for 5000 years. Because here’s the thing, Jews are from Judea. That’s why we’re called Jews. If they were from Judea, they’d call themselves Jews, but they don’t. We evolved out of the Phoenicians and the Canaanites with a focus on the deity El. We had some Goddesses too but that was lost over time. We are literally from that land, biologically, historically, realistically.

Muslims didn’t exist until the 7th century and it’s physically impossible for them to have beaten us to Judea. 500,000 Muslims emigrating into the Mandate is an event in LIVING MEMORY, the British forces were there at the time, plenty of people here should have grandparents who can tell them about it, yet they have no idea. Instead people believe that Arabs were the first people everywhere and Jews poofed out of thin air in the 1950s.

There’s so much more but I don’t have the time or the brain and I also don’t owe it to you. All I can tell you is that there is a constant stream of bullshit. Unbelievable, heinous bullshit. You hear claims that you think no one would dare lie about, but then you hear the rest, and even I just really can’t fucking believe it sometimes.

For example, this week they accused a Jewish driver of trying to ram a Muslim with his car during the riots. (Ironically, Palestinians love using car-ramming attacks so much that it’s virtually impossible to get on a bus in a wheelchair in Israel because all the stops have to be fortified). They sent around a short video clip to support this. Actually, the full clip shows that Muslims were pelting his car with rocks and he lost control. (And for everyone who plays down rock-throwing, remember it was literally a method of execution not that long ago. And if you don’t think it’s that harmful, maybe let me throw one at you).

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They must’ve known that the full clip would come out and show what they actually did, but they spread the lie anyway, because they know most people believe the first thing they hear and quite willingly block out any clarifying information afterwards. There is ALWAYS SOMETHING. And a lie can get halfway around the world before the truth has its pants on.

There are thousands of things like this every single fucking day, and people swallow it in a way they do about no other conflict in the world, because Jews.

And FYI, they are not even subtle about actually being Jordanians. They put the Jordanian national emblem on their signs in Israel. It’s also very telling that their maps of “Palestine” miss off 80% of the Mandate! They only care about the part that the Jews got back.

This is not the response of a people who fears its enemies or their military. This is the response of people who are getting everything to unfold exactly as they want.

And again.

It’s impossible for us to hit these rocket launchers without hitting surrounding things, which is why they very deliberately put them at houses, schools, and hospitals, to bring the world’s fury at the Jews for trying to stop the constant missile barrage.

The sad thing is that many people are happy to die like this. They think they are doing God’s work if they die for this purpose. They bring up their children to believe that they should die like this. Every additional casualty is something that might make the world come for Israel.

Much like with the attacks at the Gaza border before, this is the world saying “you aren’t laying down and dying sufficiently enough for us.”

Plenty of Muslims are happy being Israeli citizens and living completely normal lives with Jews. Unfortunately they are in the path of rockets fired by other Muslims.








I have written, on this, before, a few times. I will probably have to do it again before I die. But I hope not. Please just stop being so fucking ignorant.

It’s weird to be accused of controlling the media when the media clearly fucking hates us. But then again I’m also meant to have a family space laser.

Inb4 the usual person tells everyone I’m “right-wing” for being Israeli.
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