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Today’s sewing: An armrest


Today I sewed together the armrest of a foldable camping chair. It split and broke at our last barbecue because a friend – who shall remain nameless and who has a history of doing this sort of thing to our furniture – managed to lean on it to death.

We’re having another barbecue soon so I realised that I need to fix it because somebody will be sat in the chair. Will it hold? Probably not, it was only a quick job. But it’s better than a torn armrest flapping in the wind.


In other news, I did a bit of genealogy today (RE: wanting to find out more about my heritage but not really being in a position to spend £149 on a DNA kit).

I couldn’t find much on my mum’s side, it’s impossible to find marriage or birth records for some people, perhaps because the records are foreign and I don’t really know what I’m doing. On my dad’s side I found some surprising Ashkenazi links though (we’re meant to be Mizrahi). I’m even somewhat related to a guy named Lemuel of all things, who died in 1944. It’s interesting but unfortunately I hit a wall quite quickly, much like I did on mum’s side, people’s names just stop turning up marriage or birth records, which you need in order to get another maiden name of a person above them on the tree, and so on.

And in Sasaki news, they finally rang Will because I prompted them by email again; they’ve said that the gearbox on my wheelchair is broken, that they want £2,000 to fix it, or that they will give me another chair of the same model if I pay the “reduced price” of £3,000, which is actually full price. I don’t really want to spend £3,000 for a second time on a chair that will break in a year and a half, and from such a shoddy company as well.

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