How you can help charities without actually spending any extra money 🎗️

Lots of people are interested in supporting charities, but feel that they cannot actually afford to make donations on their limited incomes. Some people just plain forget to think about it.

But you can actually give money to charity just by going about your ordinary life, and without spending anything more than you already do.

This happens through a site called Give as you Live and it’s actually really simple when you realise how it works. It functions in the same way as those price comparison websites; those sites make their money by earning commission when they refer you onto the vendor you eventually choose. Give as you Live also earns commission when you click through to do your shopping on a site, and that money goes to the charity.

It’s only pennies at a time, each time you do your normal shopping online, but it all adds up for us.

There are other functions within Give as you Live to help you raise more money, such as Give as you Get Away for holidays, Give as you Switch for things like insurance and utility companies, Cards for Causes for retailer gift cards, personalised cards and Christmas cards, creating a fundraising event, or making a one-off donation.

You can also search for things to buy via Everyclick to raise small amounts of money.

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Charity work is impossible without funds to spend, and we are already not reaching as far as we’d like because we simply cannot afford the travel. Having spare money to donate to charity is very unusual in this day and age, but Give as you Live is the solution as it doesn’t require any money of your own outside of your normal online spending. You can even raise money by ordering takeaway 🥡!

So please consider signing up to Give as you Live and helping to raise small funds for us.

There is also a donation reminder you can install to remind you to use Give as you Live with eligible websites.


And if you’d like to donate your time, see if you can help us out by filling out a volunteer application form 📋.


Note: This is not a sponsored post, although obviously my charity will benefit in the long run from monies raised through Give as you Live.