Sometimes screenshots are better

Hey Letti, what are you doing with your life? Well, random person, I’m preparing intricate designs for something it will be at least a decade until I have, unless I become inexplicably rich soon.

I mentioned my problems with exporting the proper images last time (e.g. random icons/ furniture disappearing). And then I realised . . . just take screenshots, durhhhhhhhh.

Click here for proper swanky 3D exports from last time.

Added some bits of roof to the ground floor to demonstrate the effect I’m going for.

Motion sensor activates light in office toilet (RE: varying possible hand functionality of visitors). Also motion sensor spotlight in the dog courtyard.

Heat alarm in the kitchen.

Also motion sensor for outside wall light and security camera, for getting a snippet of whoever is there.

I know that in actual electrical plans the dashed lines are meant to be a bit swoopy and not so rigid, but uh, Floorplanner was not having any of that.

Sliding en suite door. That big boxy thing on the right is meant to be a mirror. There would be a fold-out chair under the shower but I couldn’t find anything like that on there.

Check out that li’l bean on the left. Li’l bean face.

A man.

Hallway only has wall lights, in a bit of a Resident Evil-esque fashion.

I would very much like to have some integrated bat boxes on gable ends, like these gorgeous things:

I’ve got a bit of a thing for bats, although admittedly I’ve only seen them as a fleeting black blur against an also quite dark sky. I know they’ve got those cutie faces though.

I’ve tidied up the roofs a little bit here but honestly it’s still not a good look.

The red square is meant to be a self-contained emergency light. Obviously if the power goes out, you want to find that switched on when you go up to deal with stuff.

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