More nonsense

Firstly I’m going to talk about house stuff. I know it’s dumb to think about it in so much detail when building a house is the kind of thing that could happen in ten year’s time at the earliest. But I’ve always wanted to do something like this, I’ve been scribbling out plans on pads of paper for as long as I can remember.

I think it was probably the mansions of Tomb Raider and Resident Evil that made me want to build a house? As an adult I would never build something so huge and ridiculous, it just feels wasteful, I don’t need hundreds of rooms and a family cemetery at the back. I need a lot of floor space because, obviously, I’m a wheelchair user and if I’m going to build a house from scratch, it’s sure as hell going to be one that my chair can reach every part of so that I don’t have to stand up with a walking stick and awkwardly squeeze into places. That just doesn’t need to be as big as the Spencer Mansion, as nice as that would be to own.

I’ve come up with a few tweaks of this plan since I last mentioned it (I think) and I think I’ve finally figured it out, but who knows. The skylight balcony that was at the far end of the living room, is now a galleried landing (which does have a skylight above it on the upper floor) and the bottom of the stairs is now in the opposite place. I also moved the toilet in the office, which I may have talked about before.

I’m not sure if I’m overworking Floorplanner or just generally doing something wrong, because every time I export an image, something will be missing. In the below one of the first floor, the sliding door on the en suite hasn’t shown up, and the guest bed has disappeared. 

The bed is further from the wall in this plan because I managed to add lines to represent over-bed storage like we currently have. The symbol for the pull-switch in the bathroom has buggered off in this one.
I like the idea of a galleried landing, it lets a lot more light in and provides a more manageable sense of grandeur than the stairs in the Croft or Spencer mansions would. Mainly I think the rails would be great to hang Halloween decorations into the lounge with, and cats would probably try to do all sorts of silly things from them.
I drew out an actual room for the attic above the landing. It has rooflights because I do not want my attic to be a creepy place.
There’s accidentally a recessed light fitting in the white space on the top left 🙄

I think the driveway would have to be longer in real life because I think there’s a legal requirement for cars to have a certain amount of space to turn around.

I remembered to add radiators this time.

Once again the motherfucking bathroom window isn’t there.

I don’t know why that sink is in the air again. I also added another idea for a shared balcony.

I feel like the en suite takes up way too much room but I’m not really sure what to do with it.

This is the sort of thing I’m going for with the roof sections, but not all the way around.


Also the sofa and the hatch to the landing below have disappeared.

That white square thing with a drawer is meant to be a sink.

So yeah, that’s where house things currently are.

On another note, it’s been about 2 weeks since I last tried to kill myself. Here are some pictures of healing progress.

I think it’s done really well considering I originally made part of my arm cave in. I have obviously lost the nerves there though because there’s still no feeling above the wound.

Mentally I’m not really in much better of a place than I was when I did it. I plan for the future and houses and stuff but I don’t think I’m strong enough to actually get there.

There are people in life that I can’t even think about without wanting to die, which is obviously what they want in the first place. But I could make an even bigger area of my arm collapse and probably still live so 👍