I’m not going to have a long ramble

As you may remember from Letti’s Glossary of Opinions, I supported membership of the European Union.

My views can be pretty much summarised by the comments herein.

I have surely spoken before about how vulnerable disabled people are in this country, how we are physically attacked in the street. How I cannot enter a shop without people going silent and starting a loud conversation about “benefit fraud,” which is presumably the punishment they think I deserve for continuing to be alive.

We are even more vulnerable without the EU holding the government to account on several matters. We may very well lose the legislation that currently makes it illegal to turn people away from services or businesses for being gay, black, foreign, disabled etc. We might even lose gay marriage.

I’ll tell you what I’ve definitely lost.

 ~ The upcoming EU plans for accessible cashpoints. I shouldn’t need somebody else’s help to reach them.

 ~ The chances of a cure for my disease, as we’ve lost access to EU patient registries for rare diseases.

 ~ My last scrap of a sense of safety has absolutely gone. People in my local area voted to do this to me. They did this on purpose. They gloated about it afterwards by calling being afraid for our lives a “tantrum.”

My partner works for a French company and may lose his job. Their main client has, according to the news, said they will pull out of dealings in the UK.
The funding that my charity is able to obtain is now totally up in the air, and what we do for disabled people may not remain protected or even legal at all.

It’s very painful, to know that people did this to us on purpose. Some because they think it’s funny to play with other people’s life chances. Others, because they are unashamed Neo-Nazis. Others, because they later admitted to not even understanding what they were voting for (there is a very embarrassing article out about the most popular Google search in the UK today being “what is the EU” – no good finding out the day after a vote).

America is openly laughing at us on the internet.

I fear for the children I haven’t even borne yet. The children I might not live long enough to bear.

Recently, I was thinking about how glad I was that all the strands of my family wound up in England, where I could have the best rights and protections it was possible to get.
That’s not true any more. And I don’t know where we can go.

Pros and cons of some places:

Cons affecting all countries:

  • I am the kind of polyglot who can say random things in a variety of languages, and yet not solidly hold a conversation in any of them.
  • Disabled people generally have trouble migrating unless wealthy, as nobody wants immigrants who will flop down like a potato and do nothing.
  • Almost definitely not allowed to move abroad permanently with a Canine Partners Assistance Dog.
  • I couldn’t run my charity from abroad.



  • It would be lovely.
  • Going back to my matrilineal roots.


  • Ongoing ethnic violence (why the family left in the first place).
  • Legislative discrimination from the French government (e.g. penalising food transport lorries so much that crops cannot be distributed).



  • Nunavut and Quebec are lovely.
  • Where Téléfrançais originated.


  • I am not used to speaking French fluently enough, and the dialect, though intelligible, is different.
  • Their wheelchair ramp regulations are terrible and they have actually made some businesses remove them.

Croatia and other former-Yugoslav countries


  • Area I have a soft spot for.


  • Language difficulties.
  • Disability laws are difficult to ascertain, or only apply to blind people.
  • Area is still quite war-prone.

Czech Republic


  • I love it.
  • I have a Czech friend who can tell me stuff I need to know.


  • I speak bad Czech.
  • No formal Assistance Dog protections.



  • Only place in the world guaranteed to never, ever turn on the Jews.
  • Whole country can be travelled very quickly.


  • Would have to finish formal conversion to Judaism, and even then, it may not count with the Rabbinate.
  • Would have difficulty moving partner and family.
  • Rocket attacks.
  • Terrorism.
  • High living costs.



  • Seems like a really interesting place.


  • The three languages spoken all intermingle in the same areas, so you can’t get away with just speaking one of them.
  • High cost of living.



  • Kadek says it’s nice.
  • Marijuana legality.


  • Cobbles.
  • I find the Dutch language totally unintuitive and could probably not learn it.
  • No formal Assistance Dog protections.



  • I read Russian Cyrillic.
  • I love hearing people speak Russian, I’d never get bored.


  • Putin.
  • Anti-LGBT legislation.



  • Lorine Talhaoui.
  • It’s so lovely.


  • Serious anti-Semitism problems.

If you could up-sticks and go anywhere, where would you go?