Letti’s Glossary of Opinions

A handy guide for you to reference before spreading falsehoods.


Do whatever you want. I support abortion.

Antibacterial cleaners

People – especially those like me who are more prone to illness – should have the right to wipe down our light switches without being told “you should let your immune system work ~*naturally*~!”

Assistance Dogs

Are great. But there should be a third-party assessment process to ensure that the dog is genuinely trained in tasks the disabled person needs, has gone through all the socialisation and obedience training, receives real veterinary care and vaccinations and is not going to pass on a communicable disease to a human in the supermarket (among other things).

Assisted suicide

I want the right to die on my own terms and with all my affairs sorted, rather than because I have been left starved in my house and sitting in my own excrement because of care and welfare cuts.

Basic income/ Minimum Wage

We desperately need a basic income for each citizen to live on, especially as more and more jobs become automated. Maybe there would be a cut-off point, e.g. if you earned more than £30,000 a year at work, maybe you wouldn’t need the BI as well. At the moment, people do not earn enough to meet living costs, and in households where one partner cannot work, things are very tight, life is designed for a dual-income.

Body modification

Do whatever you want.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

I support Bosnia’s position in the genocide perpetrated by Serbs, but I am biased.

Breeding of animals

I support breeding of animals from quality working lines (where applicable), crossing-out health problems, by breeders who are members of appropriate clubs and regulatory bodies. The average family pet does not need to be bred from.

Breizh/ Bretagne/ Brittany

I support a return to Breton independence, and the primary language spoken and read being Brezhoneg.

British Monarchy

I undeniably like the Royal Family, maybe they should pay taxes but I honestly have no strong feelings on this.

Capital punishment

I support capital punishment for rapists and violent murderers.


I love chemicals. Give me your modern chemical goodness. (P.S. everything is a chemical).

Deportation of terrorists

If someone publicly states that they want to carry out an act of terrorism, they shouldn’t get to carry on living here.


If you can grow hair, you can do whatever you want with it.

Eastern Europe

I have a real soft-spot for the region. The people there are just people.


Pretty much my most hated thing.

European Union

I support membership of the European Union.

Eurovision Song Contest

I love Eurovision and it should be entirely for the joy of sitting with your friends and watching performances, rather than for politics.


I believe in it.


I meet the base definition of a feminist by believing in equality, but I don’t care for the political activism of the same name.

Further education

I think life would actually be better if we marketed university to 30 year-olds after they’ve spent time since school/ college working, because then they will know what they actually want to do with their lives. My ideas have changed a lot since I was 18.

Genetically Modified Organisms

Are great. More efficient to produce, less water, less land, fewer pesticides, more resistant to blight and mould etc. etc.


Do whatever you want.

Inheritance tax

Seems a bit balls, really. Should surely be based on the normal wealth of the person receiving the inheritance, and not of the person able to leave it.


It took me 26 years of my life to realise, but I love the state of Israel. I have Arab (Mizrahi) family and for a long time I was on the Palestinian side. One day I became an adult and learned many things. For a while I was 50-50 between the two, wanting there to be some sort of combined state or splitting of land. Now, I unequivocally support Israel.


I support Kosovo’s claim to independence.


I support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Intersex people and others being able to get married and do other normal human things.
UPDATE 2018: I’ve since had my “peak trans” moment.


I support Macedonia not having to put “Former Yugoslav Republic Of” on the front of their name to appease Greece in their discrimination against the Macedonian ethnicity.

Mandatory Military Service

I think mandatory retail work might be better for moulding people who aren’t assholes.


Legalise and regulate.

National Health Service

I love the NHS. Healthcare should always be free, it is a necessity.

Nationalised utilities and services

I would love flat rates for everything through nationalised internet, phone lines, electricity, water, trains etc. etc.

Nuclear power

Keen to explore it as a clean source of energy, though worried about Chernobyl.

Nuclear weapons

Are terrifying.

Organic food

Is nonsense and still uses pesticides, just their own cherry-picked “OK” ones.


My parents were Pagan, different branches are the indigenous religions of many places, and although I no longer identify with it, I will always ethnically be a Witch and I’ll always love Samhain/ Kalan Goañv and making Kornigou cakes.

One of our Kornigou; this image often gets stolen and posted elsewhere, but it’s mine.

Person-first language ♿

Is patronising bullshit. It is OK to say disabled, Autistic, deaf, diabetic.


I identify as Centre-Left. I used to be extremely left-wing, but I don’t fit in with the Judeophobia in this area, and I also love gun ownership (with proper licensing and training).
UPDATE: The best word to describe me would be Centre, because my opinions on various issues are scattered across the divide.
Honestly, I don’t really find myself belonging on the political horseshoe or spectrum at all.


Pseudoscience ⛨💉

Homeopathy, vaccine denial, medication denial etc. etc. are dangerous pseudoscience. As an informed adult, you may choose to partake in these (although vaccine denial may allow illnesses to reach other people), but advocating these things is incredibly dangerous, and it is awful to deny conventional veterinary care to animals.
Dogs have no concept of the placebo affect and acupuncture is not going to stop their pain!

Quebec sovereignty ⚜

If the Québécois people want independence, I support that.


Should be taken into society. Only 8% of our land is built on; we can expand much more without compromising our green spaces.
UPDATE: I still believe in absorbing refugees for the most part, but it’s undeniable that this can have a negative effect on a country, especially to its Jewish communities.
Protecting the borders of a country doesn’t automatically mean that you hate the people outside of the border, it means you love the people inside. We mustn’t lose our humanity, but we’ve also got to look after ourselves and not be stupid.


I believe in God, but I also believe that religious texts were written thousands of years ago by men who lacked knowledge of many things, especially what the morality of the future would be. Religion is something you can only apply to yourself as an individual; you cannot ask other people to live the same way as you, because of something that you believe.


Russians are individuals with opinions on a spectrum, just like any other country. Putin is a dick like no other, but Russians vary, Russia is a huge expanse, with many autonomous republics within, holding different ethnicities, religions, languages and lifestyles (e.g. Udmurtia, Kalmykia). I love Russia.


I never like to see people I love doing it, but I also understand from experience that it is a much-needed coping mechanism, needed to get through life. At the end of the day, people can do whatever they like to their own skin, even if it’s not ideal.

Sex work

Do whatever you want.


Do whatever you want. Sure, it’s not great for your wallpaper, so you should probably smoke in the garden (or at least by an open window), but if you own the damn house, it’s up to you if you do it indoors.


I love swearing. It releases so much more stress and anguish than normal words do. There are probably settings when it’s not appropriate. But in general, people need not recoil so much.


I think that downloading media should probably be legal if it isn’t even distributed in a given country. For example, if an American company doesn’t want to license a show to the UK, but we want to watch it, they are not getting money anyway if they won’t distribute it here, so why can’t we see it?

Train travel

I love travel by rail, but there are many problems with accessibility, prices, and carriage design is a bit thoughtless at the moment.

Tuition fees

Are awful and should not exist. Education should be free.

Unisex bathrooms

I usually use a unisex bathroom, because I need to use the accessible toilet. If you made public toilets more open-air (except for the stalls, of course) there wouldn’t be much opportunity for someone to do anything dodgy. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal.

UPDATE: I’ve since realised why I was such an idiot to not see why toilet desegregation is a real problem.

Veganism, Vegetarianism

I was actually raised Vegan and got out of it once I was in my 20s. I don’t recommend it, but individuals can of course do what they want.

Wearing of animal skins

Do whatever you want. Leather and fur are no different to using other natural resources to their full extent.


I support the Uyghur claim to the region.

Zero-hour contracts

They are misused by many companies, but can be beneficial for part-time employed people unable to work the same days and hours every week.

Anything else might be in here: