Head needles

So far I'm having another quaint weekend. Getting excited for the Eurovision Song Contest. Hoping to improve our lawn health in time for our barbecue. Hoping the mining bees go away before I have to sit on that grass.   I had another appointment in Winchester and Will's boss very kindly drove us again. This … Continue reading Head needles


Once again it's been ages since I've done a blog. I don't really know what to say about it other than I'm tired and it's cold again and I guess I've just done other things with my time.   But I want to write about something in particular in this post. A phenomenon I recently … Continue reading MBI

Things I found cool in October + general life ramblings

Yo guys, I wanted to talk about three things I thought were cool last month. I'll also probably just have a bit of a ramble. At the time of writing I am up in the night feeling ill, so I have decided to finally crack on with this post because sleeping is obviously not going … Continue reading Things I found cool in October + general life ramblings